A Statement from the General Seminary Board of Trustees

Yesterday, after much prayer and deliberation and after consulting our legal counsel, the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of The General Theological Seminary voted with great regret to accept the resignations of eight members of the Seminary faculty. The Board came to this decision with heavy hearts, but following months of internal divisions around the future direction of General Seminary, some faculty member’s demands for action not possible under the governing structure of the Seminary, and the eight faculty members’ refusal to teach, attend meetings, or even worship, it has become clear that this is the best path forward in educating our students and shaping them into leaders of the church. However, even after accepting the resignations, the Seminary is willing to meet with any former faculty member about the possibility of reconsidering the resignation.

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2 comments on “A Statement from the General Seminary Board of Trustees

  1. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    Not much Reconciliationâ„¢ going on there it seems.

  2. David Hein says:

    I know nothing about this situation, but I suspect that if all eight stay out, then GTS could have trouble filling those slots in a hurry. How many reputable academics in the NY area would be willing to take over these classes or advising and administrative duties–especially before the board’s investigation wraps up? Will someone–the faculty–invite AAUP to visit campus and do its own assessment? These matters could be back-breaking even for an institution that was flush with cash. How many students will transfer between terms? And the crucial period of the recruiting season for next year’s entering class will be starting soon.