TEC Unveils A Mission Revolution in the Church

Presented October 1 to the Episcopal Business Administrators Conference (EBAC) at the group’s annual gathering in New York, Bishop Sauls details the many ways that the Missionary Society can partner with and support mission and ministry at the local level.

“The fundamental mission of the church is to remember about God,” said Bishop Sauls, who serves as the Chief Operating Officer of The Episcopal Church. “That’s why the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society exists. To help you remind the church about God. That’s why we’re in business ”“ to support the work you do.”

Read it all and note the link to the video presentation.


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4 comments on “TEC Unveils A Mission Revolution in the Church

  1. stjohnsrector says:

    Really? I though the fundamental mission of the Church is to glorify God and to work, and spread the Gospel to all nations. Silly me.

  2. MichaelA says:

    Bishop Sauls speaks. Does anyone listen?

    That’s not a rhetorical jibe. Its just that TEC’s steady decline continues and there is no indicator that +Sauls has the faintest idea how to stop it, nor his incompetent boss, Katie Schori. In all fairness, her predecessor Frank Griswold was just as inept.

  3. Pb says:

    Another novel idea from an Episcopal forum. It would be just like Paul to call this a false gospel.