(Spectator) Theo Hobson–Anglicanism keeps muddling on ”” thank God

I, a lay Anglican, am reassured by this. I want the clergy to be a bit more left-wing than me. It’s a sign that they are deeply involved in the lives of the poor, that they have a sense of solidarity with them and give those on welfare the benefit of the doubt. It is proper that a large sector of them should advocate a greater redistribution of wealth, and criticise capitalism. (There are plenty of other voices to cheer capitalism.) Ideally, they should do with great caution, rather than Guardian-leader self-righteousness. But it’s OK for a few to dabble in more radical campaigning ”“ that’s part of the Christian tradition. Overall, the survey suggests to me that the Church is in pretty good shape.

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3 comments on “(Spectator) Theo Hobson–Anglicanism keeps muddling on ”” thank God

  1. wyclif says:

    I’ve always had the distinct impression, from reading his columns, that Theo Hobson is the kind of English expat who thinks the USA=NYC.

  2. wyclif says:

    Theo Hobson: the CofE “is in pretty good shape.” No, seriously. He actually said that. It’s hilarious.

  3. MichaelA says:

    What a dill.

    Oh well, he can’t do much harm, leave him to mutter in the corner.