(USA Today) A reversal of health care fortunes under ACA as costs crippling middle class

Physician Praveen Arla is witnessing a reversal of health care fortunes: Poor, long-uninsured patients are getting Medicaid through Obamacare and finally coming to his office for care. But middle-class workers are increasingly staying away.

“It’s flip-flopped,” says Arla, who helps his father run a family practice in Hillview, Ky. Patients with job-based plans, he says, will say: ” ‘My deductible is so high. I’m trying to come to the doctor as little as possible. ”¦ What is the minimum I can get done?’ They’re really worried about cost.”

It’s a deep and common concern across the USA, where employer plans cover 60% of working-age Americans, or about 150 million people. Coverage long considered the gold standard of health insurance now often requires workers to pay so much out-of-pocket that many feel they must skip doctor visits, put off medical procedures, avoid filling prescriptions and ration pills ”” much as the uninsured have done.

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One comment on “(USA Today) A reversal of health care fortunes under ACA as costs crippling middle class

  1. Nikolaus says:

    My deductible hasn’t changed but the calculation of payments certainly has. I have a chronic, but fortunately mild and treatable, issue. Over the past few years I have noticed that I am paying for services – or paying more – than in the past. I have to agree that both my wife & I are looking harder at options (not necessarily a bad thing) and deferring treatments.