(BP) David Roach–How Southern Baptists became pro-life

In 1979, Larry Lewis picked up a copy of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and saw a full-page ad listing the Southern Baptist Convention among denominations that affirmed the right to abortion.

“Right there beside the Unitarians and universalists was the Southern Baptist Convention,” Lewis, a St. Louis pastor who went on to become president of the Home Mission Board (now the North American Mission Board), told Baptist Press. “… That bothered me a lot.”

So Lewis did something about it, proposing in 1980 the first of more than 20 pro-life resolutions adopted by the SBC over the next few decades. When Lewis became HMB president of in 1987, one of his first actions was to create the office of abortion alternatives to help churches establish crisis pregnancy centers.

Thanks to Lewis and others, newspapers do not call the SBC pro-choice anymore.

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One comment on “(BP) David Roach–How Southern Baptists became pro-life

  1. MichaelA says:

    This is an inspiring story, thank you. I had no idea that the SBC was once pro-abortion. The fact that it could be turned around is very encouraging. Its also good to see that Larry and his brethren worked to address the causes of the problem as well as the symptoms.