In Indiana R. Catholic and Episcopal Bishops Lead Prayers for Christian Unity

Bishop [Kevin] Rhoades served as the main celebrant for the Vespers, asking that “the Lord bless us and the Church, that we may be united in our Baptism as brothers and sisters in Christ.” He acknowledged that true unity is only possible through the work of God. “By our own efforts, our own works, we cannot achieve peace. It is only through the gifts of the Holy Spirit that this will be possible; that is why we are here this evening.”

Throughout the service, cantor Alicia Nagy from St. Matthew Parish led Psalms and hymns of praise, in the hope of unity. A combined choir from St. Matthew and the Episcopal Cathedral Church of St. James accompanied Nagy.

Bishop [Ed] Little offered the sermon for the event, first acknowledging both his gratitude to Bishop Rhoades and the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend for their hospitality and graciousness.

He exclaimed that “acknowledging this friendship provides a sound foundation to remind us that we come together in prayer so that the Lord will make us one. It also signifies that we have unfinished business, specifically to welcome one another as Christ has welcomed each of us ”” and to do so for the greater glory of God.”

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2 comments on “In Indiana R. Catholic and Episcopal Bishops Lead Prayers for Christian Unity

  1. rwkachur says:

    For those who are wondering, there is a long and deep tie between the TEC Diocese of Northern Indiana and the Roman Catholic community. The cathedral is located in South Bend, home of Notre Dame. The ties go way back to Bishop Sheridan, who was Anglo-Catholic, and was very close to his RC counterparts. Sadly, I assume the writing is on the wall for the diocese once Bishop Little leaves, it’s a prime candidate to be “consolidated”.

  2. MichaelA says:

    Sorry to hear that, but things may work out. The Lord often does unexpected things.