(Not another Episcopal Blog) On the strange Radio Silence in Upper SC abt the Dio. of SC

Traditional or conservative Episcopalians living in my part of South Carolina sometimes feel cut off from their brothers in the lower half of the state. News of what our friends are up to is never, I repeat never discussed except perhaps in mocking terms overheard at coffee hour. The last time I heard a high ranking clergy person in Upper South Carolina try to say anything nice about the “lower diocese” it was with a slightly derogatory tone, “I’m from there, but I can’t work there.”

Unless an Episcopalian reads the blogs, they will remain clueless.

Whatever happened to the idea of engaging in a listening process, or to the idea of sitting down with someone and learning more about them? Isn’t that what we have been told to do when faced with people holding different views on human sexuality and how it relates to the Church?

I guess the listening process is unidirectional.

As proof, I offer the following evidence: Each year, lay people, priests, bishops, and archbishops gather in Charleston South Carolina for a conference that goes by the benign sounding name of “Mere Anglicanism.” These conferences offer lectures featuring guest speakers from around the world on topics which should be of interest to all concerned Anglicans, and I include all concerned Episcopalians in that group….

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2 comments on “(Not another Episcopal Blog) On the strange Radio Silence in Upper SC abt the Dio. of SC

  1. MichaelA says:

    When I read the words “In effect, we need a Radio Free Upper South Carolina to keep us informed”, my first thought was, “You’ve already got one”. Then I read the final paragraph!

    Its worth adding that the blog Stand Firm is also a Free Radio, and one of its five moderators is from USC.

  2. David Keller says:

    I’d like to know who,the priest is who was not allowed to officiate at the funeral. I do have personal knowledge of a priest from SC who was told he couldn’t process with the altar party at his uncle’s funeral in Upper SC. He showed up in full liturigical garb and did it anyway. However, if I were still in DUSC (and I praise God every day that I am not), I would be much more concerned about Waldo’s collusion with KJS in Bp. Lawrence’s illegal and uncanonical deposition, his membership, and heretical conclusions, on the TEC “Marriage Commission” and his continued, unquestioning financial support of TEC