The full text of Pope Francis' historic address to U.S. Congress today

Yours is a work which makes me reflect in two ways on the figure of Moses. On the one hand, the patriarch and lawgiver of the people of Israel symbolizes the need of peoples to keep alive their sense of unity by means of just legislation. On the other, the figure of Moses leads us directly to God and thus to the transcendent dignity of the human being. Moses provides us with a good synthesis of your work: you are asked to protect, by means of the law, the image and likeness fashioned by God on every human face.

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One comment on “The full text of Pope Francis' historic address to U.S. Congress today

  1. Vatican Watcher says:

    People keep repeating that his visit is historic and his addresses are historic. While the fact that a pope has come to the US is something that will be remembered in the history books is certainly historic in that it will be history, when I see that word, I think of something more.

    “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

    “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

    “They slipped the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of God.”

    Those are /historic/ words at truly memorable moments in history. I haven’t seen anything so far that suggests Francis’ visit and his words will be remembered down through the years any more so than any other pope’s visit to the US.