Rod Dreher–Islam, Christianity, Secularism

My answer, as you will have guessed is that no, it is not ”” at least any religion that refuses to assimilate and thereby sign its own death warrant.

The Establishment ”” the state, the media, the academy, the law, corporations ”” will grow less and less tolerant as America becomes more secular, as is likely to happen given the stark falling-away from religion of the millennials. And then what will we Christians do? British Christians are facing this calamity because 70 percent of Britons say they have no religious belief, and therefore likely don’t see a problem with the government’s proposal, or even support it.

Now is the time to start thinking and talking about this, an acting on it. If you think voting Republican is going to solve this long-term problem, you are deluded. Politics has a role to play, but in the end, politics reflect the will of the people, and if a majority of the people lose their faith, and with it goes an appreciation for religious liberty, politics will avail us nothing.

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3 comments on “Rod Dreher–Islam, Christianity, Secularism

  1. Terry Tee says:

    Can somebody give me a source for this claim that 70% of Britons say that they have no religious belief?

  2. Terry Tee says:

    OK. I should have read properly before submitting above because I should have first clicked on the hyperlink which I had initially failed to notice.
    Dire though the stats are, they are misrepresented in the above citation. As the link shows, 48 per cent of a survey said that they had no religious faith, not 70. And asked if they were religious only 30% said yes. But what you have to understand that is ‘religious’ over here in the UK has the connotations of super-devout, pious, avid. In that context I might hesitate to say that I was religious.

  3. MichaelA says:

    Meh – the task ahead of the church remains the same: to evangelize personally, one by one. If we take care of that, the big statistics will take care of themselves.