Archdiocese of Milwaukee ordains first married priest

It was a traditional ordination at St. Jerome Parish Saturday for a man with a non-traditional path to priesthood. Deacon Russell Arnett, now Father Arnett, was first ordained in the Episcopal Church where priests are allowed to marry. Now Arnett is the first priest to enter the Archdiocese of Milwaukee through what is called the “Pastoral Provision.”

Read it all and there is an accompanying video.


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3 comments on “Archdiocese of Milwaukee ordains first married priest

  1. stjohnsrector says:

    He is wearing a Nashotah House ring in the photo and video.

  2. Todd Granger says:

    In describing the Pastoral Provision, the reporter mispronounced “Anglican” as “Angelican”. Once again (assuming she didn’t merely misspeak), evidence of the relative ignorance with which many religion reporters proceed into the world of reporting on religion (they are often sent there because they are the junior members of the reporting staff). At least in this case it’s a humorous and sort of charming mistake.

  3. Crypto Papist says:

    “Noticing some fair-haired children in the slave market one morning, Pope Gregory, the memorable pope, said (in Latin), ‘What are those?’ and on being told that they were Angels, made the memorable joke – ‘ Non Angli, sed Angeli ‘ (‘ not Angels, but Anglicans ‘) and commanded one of his saints called St Augustine to go and convert the rest.” (From [i]1066 and All That[/i])