(Anglican Journal) Budget Crunch leads Diocese of Ontario to “suspend” newspaper

On Nov. 29, the Synod Council of the Anglican diocese of Ontario “suspended” four of its programs and ministries to create a “credible, balanced budget” for 2012. Cuts include the diocesan newspaper, Dialogue, as well as the diocese’s summer residential youth program, Camp Hyanto.

The decision is meant to “relieve the financial load on the diocese,” said the bishop of the diocese, Michael Oulton, in a letter issued to parishes Dec. 3.

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One comment on “(Anglican Journal) Budget Crunch leads Diocese of Ontario to “suspend” newspaper

  1. Albany+ says:

    There are folks who like to chart decline. Rarely is this done at the level of these thousand losses of vitality. The Diocesan newspaper has to shut down. The Cathedral closes. The rectory must be sold. The church camp turned over to developers to cover deficits. The seminary sells off some of its buildings, its silver,its windows, its books. The church publishing companies shut down. On and on it goes.

    We need a running list. Each day we can add another sign that something is quite seriously wrong and it is not getting better.