The RCRC Press Release Supporting "White House on Contraceptive Coverage In Health Care Reform"

Together, the leaders of these Christian, Jewish and Muslim national organizations affirmed:

“We stand with President Obama and Secretary Sebelius in their decision to reaffirm the importance of contraceptive services as essential preventive care for women under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and to assure access under the law to American women, regardless of religious affiliation. We respect individuals’ moral agency to make decisions about their sexuality and reproductive health without governmental interference or legal restrictions. We do not believe that specific religious doctrine belongs in health care reform ”“ as we value our nation’s commitment to church-state separation. We believe that women and men have the right to decide whether or not to apply the principles of their faith to family planning decisions, and to do so they must have access to services. The Administration was correct in requiring institutions that do not have purely sectarian goals to offer comprehensive preventive health care. Our leaders have the responsibility to safeguard individual religious liberty and to help improve the health of women, their children, and families. Hospitals and universities across are respected and that their students and employees have access to this basic health care service. We invite other religious leaders to speak out with us for universal coverage of contraception.

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6 comments on “The RCRC Press Release Supporting "White House on Contraceptive Coverage In Health Care Reform"

  1. Jim the Puritan says:

    Just to be clear, these are not “Christian national organizations,” they are leftist political groups who have self-appointed themselves to speak for Christians.

  2. Paul Nelson says:

    Ragsdale was interviewed on Fox, and she claimed that unless contraceptives were provided under Obama’s plan, that they would be prevented from receiving them. The woman conducting the interview pressed her on this, but she would not argue the point. For this woman to hold herself up as “mainstream” is pretty sad. She also gave the impression that she spoke for the Episcopal church (and she is probably right about that).

  3. Br. Michael says:

    Freedom of religion and the Constitution sacrificed for the price of a condom. Somehow it seems fitting.

  4. drummie says:

    They say that religious doctrine should not have anything to do with health care. Yet they are trying to impose their non-Christian beliefs about so called healthcare on Christians. And as for people being able to use whatever contraceptive mehods they want, they can do that, just don’t ask me to pay for it or co-sign their heresy. Thats all that has been asked. The other thing they conveniently do not mention, ignore, forget or more likely don’t care about is the first amedment to the Constitution of these United States. They want it to protect them when they do not like what Christians do, but do not want it to apply to all. That is the tyranny of their and Obama’s position.

  5. Capt. Father Warren says:

    Lest we not forget, the Obamacare, HHS mandates do not apply to all religious: Muslims, Amish, and Christian Scientists get a pass to ignore the mandates and fines. Just us pesky Christians get to feel the lash.

  6. Br. Michael says:

    Well, the Amish are Christian. They are Anabaptists.