Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral seeks demolition of two historic sites for "the public interest"

Should the Episcopal Cathedral of Philadelphia be allowed to destroy two historically recognized buildings it owns, and build a 25-story apartment, office, and retail complex in their place, in order to finance cathedral repairs and expand its ministry?

That is the question coming Friday before the Philadelphia Historical Commission, which deadlocked on the issue May 11 when it first arose. The four representatives of the Nutter administration voted in favor of demolition of the properties on the 3700 block of Chestnut Street, while all four independent members opposed the plan.

In an unusual step, Alan Greenberger, deputy mayor for economic development, endorsed the demolition and development in a letter passed out to commissioners just before the hearing.

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4 comments on “Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral seeks demolition of two historic sites for "the public interest"

  1. David Keller says:

    Gotta love the left. They cram their laws down our throats, and then think its perfectly Ok to ignore them whenever they feel like it. Afterall the historic preservation laws are passed to keep evil conservatives from tearing down buildings to make a profit, not to keepm loving caring liberals from doing good things with teh profits they make.

  2. BlueOntario says:

    Another shining example of TEc relying on lawyers and beancounters to determine the organization’s morality.

  3. Statmann says:

    Difficult to judge as no info is given as to the present use of the two historical buildings. And speaking of usage, the Cathedral could use more. ASA has been below 100 for years. Also, Plate & Pledge was less than $100K in 2010. As for increasing mibnistry, there are about 40 other TEC churches in Philly. A most confusing situatuon. Statmann

  4. vrmjws says:

    Actually this may be a good idea! Over 30 years ago Bright Hope Baptist Church under the leadership of The Rev’d Bill Grey created a shopping mall near their church on North Broad St. It has been a blessing to that neighborhood. Perhaps this project will bring bright hope to the grim neighborhood around the Cathedral of the Saviour. I pray it will!