Charleston (South Carolina) Mercury–Taking the pulse of a diocese in conflict

Lowcountry citizens of all spiritual stripes have been observing the drama related to the conflict between The Episcopal Church (TEC) and Bishop Mark Lawrence. To set the stage, we have seen TEC behaving in ways unimaginable to the faithful a decade ago and earlier. The way they have treated the Bishop of the Diocese of South Carolina the last several years parallels the worst of power politics in the U.S. Congress. As all know TEC is using lawsuits around the country to grab the church properties of dioceses, even individual parishes.

The Bishop of the Diocese of South Carolina has tried to negotiate a compromise by which the diocese can remain within TEC and yet continue its received communion with the gospel of Jesus Christ as the foundation. TEC not only opposes such a resolution, but it also undermined the most recent attempt at compromise by concluding against such a compromise weeks before the final discussion took place, as written evidence shows. The result is that the Diocese of South Carolina is disassociated with TEC and it continues to operate as it has since its founding and does so as The Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of South Carolina.

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One comment on “Charleston (South Carolina) Mercury–Taking the pulse of a diocese in conflict

  1. MichaelA says:

    An excellent article.
    [blockquote] “The church growth in the USA is among churches that are conservative in that they believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God sent to save the world.” [/blockquote]
    Once this was a hallmark of Christian belief generally.
    [blockquote] The groups that do not embrace Jesus’ divinity slowly die on the vine. [/blockquote]
    Everyone can see it, except for some very foolish and short-sighted people running TEC. No matter what attacks are thrown at Dio South Carolina, they will still be better off in the long run than those who let their agenda be run by TEC.