(Church Times) Clergy in North Africa fearful as PM talks of military response

Police dogs checking for explosives at St George’s Anglican Church, Tunis, on Sunday, were “a healthy reminder that we live in volatile times”, the Area Bishop for North Africa, Dr Bill Musk, said on Tuesday. He spoke in the wake of an attack by Islamist terrorists in Algeria in which 37 hostages were killed, and a warning by the Prime Minister that North African states had become “a magnet for jihadists”.

Addressing Parliament on Monday, Mr Cameron said that the “murderous violence” perpetrated by the terrorists at the remote Tigantourine gas complex in the Saharan desert last week required a “strong security response”. Britain was engaged in a “generational struggle against an ideology which is an extreme distortion of the Islamic faith”.

Clergy had mixed views on the implications of Mr Cameron’s speech for Christians.

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