(SMH) Paul Sheehan–Dominique Venner's Recent Suicide a wake-up call for France

[On May 21 Dominique] Venner, a conservative ultra-nationalist who as a young man had been jailed for violence against Communists, was 78, ailing, and had come to the extreme conclusion that French civilisation was dying and being replaced by an ”Afro-Maghreb culture” and would give way to sharia law. The former colonies were overrunning the republic. In his final message before leaving for the cathedral, he wrote on his internet blog: ”Peaceful street protests will not be enough to prevent it ”¦ It will require new, spectacular, and symbolic gestures to wake up the sleepwalkers, to shake the slumbering consciousness and to remind us of our origins ”¦ and rouse people from their complacency ”¦ We are entering a time when words must be backed up ”¦ by new, spectacular and symbolic actions.”

He had his own spectacular symbolic action in mind. His timing was prompted by the passage, the week before, of a law legalising gay marriage in France. Venner regarded this as a key element in the dismantling of French culture. He also regarded the immigration of millions of Muslims as a demographic and cultural disaster for France. And he saw white French culture as being overwhelmed by Americanism.

Venner predicted current social trends would lead to a ”total replacement of the population of France, and of Europe”….

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2 comments on “(SMH) Paul Sheehan–Dominique Venner's Recent Suicide a wake-up call for France

  1. Dan Crawford says:

    Is blowing your brains out near the altar of Notre Dame supposed to be applauded by Christians as an appropriate protest against policies one does not like?

  2. Ad Orientem says:

    A deeply tragic response by a man who otherwise seems to have been gifted with remarkable clarity of thought and sight. May God have mercy upon him.