(Daily Mail) Prime Minister David Cameron calls the Bible ”˜not a bad handbook for life’

[Speaking earlier this month David Cameron]… said: ”˜I’m a Christian and I’m an active member of the Church of England, and like all Christians I think I sometimes struggle with some of the sayings and some of the instructions.

”˜But what I think is so good about Jesus’s teachings is there are lots of things that he said that you can still apply very directly to daily life and to bringing up your children.

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3 comments on “(Daily Mail) Prime Minister David Cameron calls the Bible ”˜not a bad handbook for life’

  1. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    David Cameron calls Encyclopedia Britannica ‘not a bad read’ in the bath.

    David Cameron calls Nostradamus ‘not a bad guide’ to economic forecasting.

    David Cameron calls Koran ‘not a bad guide’ to criminal sentencing.

    David Cameron calls Venerable Bede ‘not a bad guide’ to the North of England.

  2. sophy0075 says:

    Revelation 3:16 springs to mind.

  3. Jeremy Bonner says:

    To be fair, I suspect a fair number of nominally Anglican prime ministers in the twentieth century (as opposed, say, to the nineteenth) would have entertained similarly laitudinarian sentiments, but, unlike Cameron, would have kept such thoughts to themselves.

    You would get a very different response from someone like Frank Field (Labour MP for Birkenhead and a member of General Synod, for the American readers).