Archbishop of Canterbury 'moved to tears' by visit of Migeria's Archbishop Kattey

The Archbishop of Canterbury has said that he was ”˜moved to tears’ to welcome recently-released Nigerian archbishop Ignatius Kattey and his wife, Mrs Beatrice Kattey, to Lambeth Palace yesterday.

The Most Revd Ignatius Kattey, who is Dean and Archbishop of the Niger Delta Province, and Mrs Kattey were kidnapped on 6 September near their residence in the southern city of Port Harcourt. Mrs Kattey was released a few hours later, but Archbishop Kattey was held for more than a week.

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4 comments on “Archbishop of Canterbury 'moved to tears' by visit of Migeria's Archbishop Kattey

  1. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    It was wonderful to see the spontaneous warm welcome extended to Archbishop and Mrs Kattey.

    It was particularly warming to see that the ladies of Lambeth Palace spontaneously decided to line the staircase like a Hussar guard of honour [Are there any men left? – apart from that ‘Canon’ David Porter chap, and well…]

    How fortunate too that there was a camera spontaneously on hand to spontaneously capture the warm happy spontaneous event.

    Must go and find the candles to spontaneously put on some empty chairs.

  2. Sarah1 says:

    Oh Pageantmaster.

    [i]I’m just appalled at how cynical you are.[/i]

    You should be more trusting. And unifying.

    Your comments are always so divisive.

  3. Katherine says:

    Good gracious, Pageantmaster! Besides the “spontaneous” aspect, that does appear to be an overwhelmingly female staff.

  4. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    Point of form:
    [blockquote]Mrs Beatrice Kattey[/blockquote]
    Mmmm – that configuration would suggest a divorced woman or possibly a widow, neither of which fortunately is the case and for which we thank God.

    In UK usage, and I understand US as well, one would write ‘Mrs Kattey’ or ‘Mrs Ignatius Kattey’ as the older and more correct alternative form.

    Surely something someone who has worked for HM, really ought to know.

    Perhaps they should bring in one of those unemployed protocol droids from the Vatican?