(ENS) New theological school launched by 4 Midwestern Episcopal Church Dioceses

Mary MacGregor, who heads the diocese’s Iona School, said programs like theirs and the Bishop Kemper School are what the church needs. She noted that in the Diocese of Wyoming, one of the Iona partners, 90 percent of their priests are bivocational. And the need for local education programs will only grow, she said.

“This is the movement that is going on in the church. There will be more internal schools in the Episcopal Church,” she said. And while quality content is essential, it isn’t the only requirement, she said. “We have to have a mix of quality, accessibility and do-ability.”

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2 comments on “(ENS) New theological school launched by 4 Midwestern Episcopal Church Dioceses

  1. Dick Mitchell says:

    OK, I went to the website and there is a teacher holding up a three-legged stool. That’s all I need to know. Yes, maybe it is a Cursillo rollo covering piety, study and action — but I doubt it. No, someone is once more lost in confusion over Hooker’s teachings on Scripture, Reason and Tradition. No, it is NOT a three-legged stool — it’s a chain of priority. Scripture contains all things necessary for salvation. If Scripture does not answer some other question, we may look to Scripture-informed Reason, or to our Traditions, but we approach Scripture first. A three-legged stool — to stand — must have legs of the same length: Scripture, Reason and Tradition do not have equivalent authority.

    So we know what we need to know about their seminary.

  2. Milton Finch says:

    Hey, sometimes with those unequal legs a person can really lean into it when the milk a cow. 🙂