(Church Times) War of words between bishops and Government

A row has broken out between faith leaders and the Government over the impact of reforms to the welfare system.

The war of words was sparked by a letter in the Daily Mirror last week, signed by 27 Anglican bishops, which accused the Government of creating a food-poverty crisis by changing and restricting various benefits.

David Cameron denied that his government was to blame for up to 500,000 visits to foodbanks last year. He said that he was on a “moral mission” to end dependency on welfare payments.

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One comment on “(Church Times) War of words between bishops and Government

  1. Ad Orientem says:

    Good grief! I wish these so called bishops could get even half as exercised by the theological heresy that is tearing their church and communion apart. No wonder most outside observers (including myself) have come to see the CofE and its North American branches as little more than left leaning social clubs with religious trappings.