Savannah Morning News Editorial–Public invocations: Amen and hallelujah

When we actually start asking God for things, it’s rarely the high and grand things that flatter our self-image… It’s not flattering to the pride of an anxious commuter, for instance, to admit that what he really, really, really wants right now is not peace, it’s not justice, it’s not environmental integrity. It’s a parking space.

”” The Rev. Gavin Dunbar, rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church, in remarks before the Chatham County Commission meeting, April 26, 2013

OUR NATION’S Constitution grants Americans the right to practice ”” or, not to practice ”” religion.

It doesn’t shield Americans from signs of faith that other Americans are practicing.

On Monday, a divided and slightly muddled U.S. Supreme court seemed to affirm that correct position, in a case involving faith-based invocations before government meetings.

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