(WWM) How the Arab region’s largest Christian minority is helping Iraqi Christians

As a coalition of Western and Arab countries continues military action to try to defeat Islamic State (IS), it’s timely to hear how the region’s largest Christian minority – in Egypt – is helping to provide humanitarian relief in Northern Iraq.

Coptic Christians themselves faced an onslaught from Islamic extremists only a year ago, but are now providing much-needed practical and psychological support to other Arab speakers in ways that Westerners cannot.

One of the biggest churches in the Arab world, Kasr el-Dobara church in Cairo, is delivering aid alongside agencies such as the UNHCR, Caritas and many others, thanks to its relatively well-paid and well-connected membership.

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3 comments on “(WWM) How the Arab region’s largest Christian minority is helping Iraqi Christians

  1. bettcee says:

    Thanks be to God, I pray that the Coptic Christians will set an example for Christians in the United States and other parts of the world and that they will get the financial help that they will need to continue this service to the Body of Christ.

  2. bettcee says:

    How can people donate to the Coptic Christians churches that are performing this service?

  3. Katherine says:

    bettcee, I don’t know how to contribute to the Coptic effort. There are Coptic Orthodox churches in many US cities; you could ask one near you if they are able to send funds to this effort.

    The Anglican Relief and Development Fund [url=http://anglicanaid.net/impact-report-relief-iraqi-christians/](donation page here)[/url] is sending relief to Christians in the Middle East. They are coordinating with the Anglican Diocese of Egypt, whose [url=http://www.friendsanglicandioceseegypt.org/contribute.html]US donation page is here[/url]. You could consider either of those places.