Dale Mateson–The U.S Is Missing Something In The Fight Against ISIS: Vision

While no one would argue that the United States has more bombs, bullets and boots, the question is, “Why does the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) continue to gain territory and to recruit young people to their cause from the western world?”

The Jihadists see themselves in a struggle against evil and we are the face of their evil. We are attempting to win on the battlefield but we are losing the battle for hearts and minds.

Former Senator Birch Bayh referred to the Jihadist ideology as “empty” on Fox New Sunday (October 26th) If only. If only he was correct. We may kill their soldiers but their ideology, while evil, is robust, certain and virulent. The western world in general and the U.S. lack the courage of their convictions because they lack convictions. We have no vision and are lacking in moral authority. Do we honestly think that we could reinstate the draft to compel young men once again to fight this war?

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3 comments on “Dale Mateson–The U.S Is Missing Something In The Fight Against ISIS: Vision

  1. Fr. Dale says:

    Hi Kedall+,
    Thanks for posting my article. FYI my last name is spelled “Matson”.

  2. bettcee says:

    It is frightening how true this is, I hope someone will tell me that I heard this wrong but I am afraid that I heard Secretary of State John Kerry correctly today when he said “These guys (ISIL) have a 30 year plan and we don’t even have a 5 year plan”.
    As it stands now only God can help us so please pray that, in spite of the odds, we can elect some good God fearing leaders to lead our country back to the paths to righteousness on November the 4’th.

  3. Fr. Dale says:

    “They’re disciplined,” Kerry recalled his counterpart saying of terrorist recruiters. And they don’t have a five-year plan. They have a 30-year plan.”We don’t even have a five-year plan,” Kerry continued. “We have got to get our act together.”