Food for Thought–The Diocese of London on Church Planting

…A healthy church

A healthy church is one which:

Is growing spiritually, numerically and financially.
Owns a vision.
Encourages all its members to play their part and use their gifts.
Enjoys worship and prayerfully seeks God’s purpose and direction.
Is willing to take risks.
Has different opportunities to share faith and study together.
Has effective and respected leadership.
Is engaged with the society it serves.
Is involved in the life of the deanery and wider Church.

Read it all and see what you think.


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2 comments on “Food for Thought–The Diocese of London on Church Planting

  1. Capt. Father Warren says:

    As a church planter, all I can say is…….how sad.

    Not one word, not even a nod toward making Jesus Christ the focus for what a church is trying to do; to show the people, the community, the world, the love of Jesus Christ and how faith in Him is the path of salvation.

  2. MichaelA says:

    Fair point CFW.

    On the positive side, this article at least shows a healthy focus on church-planting. But that shouldn’t surprise, because this is from Dio London, which is the only diocese in England to have consistently shown growth over the last two decades. That is in large part due to the bishop Richard Chartres who has fairly governed his See in such a way that evangelicals and anglo-catholics can work within it, largely without fear.

    But he is due for retirement in less than 3 years. One can only wonder what sort of man or woman will replace him.