Notable and Quotable

The Church Mouse blog reads: “David Stevenson is the new vicar of St Mary’s Church in Eastwood, Nottingham. By way of introduction, his wife, Diane, wrote an article in the church newsletter, in which she said that she had been a stripper. The piece was written ambiguously, and a follow-up piece in the next newsletter announced that the kind of stripping she had done was stripping chicken at a factory in Nottingham. Whilst providing some light relief, this was also intended to make a point about judging people.

“Unfortunately for Mrs Stevenson, however, the first piece was picked up far more quickly than she imagined. It was featured in a number of news outlets, from local to national, including the Telegraph and the Daily Mail…Perhaps there is a moral in this tale not just for the Mail and the Telegraph, but for the Stevensons as well.”

One contributor writes: “Didn’t she just prove her point really?”

–Today’s Church of England Newspaper, page 16


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