In Plattsburgh, a low key response to Albany Bishop Love's Pastoral Letter on marriage

The response of parishioners to the bishop’s letter was low key at Saint Eustace Episcopal Church in Lake Placid.

“I think they’re just digesting it,” the Rev. Brock Baker said. “For our parish, it is not a great controversial issue for us. I think it will continue to be a topic.”

The future of marriage for gay and lesbian Episcopalians in the Diocese of Albany is uncertain.

“It’s too new right now,” the Rev. Colin Belton of Trinity Episcopal Church in Plattsburgh said. “There’s canon law we have to follow. Bishop Love has stated the diocesan position. That’s where we stand. It’s really too soon to say much more than that.”

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4 comments on “In Plattsburgh, a low key response to Albany Bishop Love's Pastoral Letter on marriage

  1. Confessor says:

    Born-again (spiritually converted) Christians will not ever give on this issue or on other core Biblical doctrines. If the revisionists push the pansex agenda, it will further split the Episcopal church…and hasten its dishonorable end.

  2. Ian+ says:

    Lots of “born-again” Christians already have given in on it. To be born again is not simply to have been converted but to have been baptised= adopted as a son of God and marked as Christ’s own for ever. But as CS Lewis says, God has good sons and bad sons, like a lot of earthly fathers. It’s his sons who haven’t devoted themselves to his teaching who are compromising.

  3. Statmann says:

    Based on changes in Members, ASA, and Plate & Pledge for 2002 through 2009, I ranked 95 Dioceses in TEC and the the six NY dioceses as: New York 24, Albany 35, Long Island 53, Rochester 85, Central NY 87, and Western NY 94. What makes Albany so different from the other 5? The bishop? Are the laity that different? Money? Just wondering. Statmann

  4. AnglicanFirst says:

    Answer to (#3.)

    Its both Bishop Love and the clergy and laity of the diocese who chose him as their bishop.

    Bishop Love is a Holy Spirit led leader, a strong leader, an insightful leader, a mild-mannered man, and a man of considerable personal courage.