(London Times I) St Paul’s protest triggers Church leadership crisis

A crisis of leadership enveloped the Church of England yesterday, after the resignation of the Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral over his handling of the protest camp on its doorstep.

The Archbishop of Canterbury was facing criticism for his failure to intervene earlier in the protracted decision-making process over whether to evict demonstrators or to engage with them.

But as the Church struggled to contain the fallout from the Occupy protest, some genuine campaigners left the camp in disgust over its descent into what one described as a place for bawdy hedonism, drink and drugs.

Interested readers may note that this was the top story on the front page of he ipad edition of the Times for me this morning. Read it all –KSH(requires subscription).


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One comment on “(London Times I) St Paul’s protest triggers Church leadership crisis

  1. Rob Eaton+ says:

    I don’t understand the resignations.
    Is this not exactly the moment when leadership ascends?
    Is this some form of English harakiri?