(GetReligion) George Conger–So what sort of Anglican are you?

I think it is safe to say that until about 30 – 40 years ago very few people would know what an Anglican was….[but today that is no longer the case]….

Via the magic of Facebook, commentator Daniel Stoddart directed my attention to a DC-area newspaper, the Vienna Connection, which has a nice story about a new church. The article entitled “Vienna Resident ”˜Plants’ a Church” chronicles its story.

The Rev. Johnny Kurcina has formed a congregation that meets on Sunday mornings at the Louise Archer Elementary School cafeteria. Since its start in November, the church appears to be doing well and the write up presents an attractive picture of a young minister with a bright future ahead.

The word “Anglican” is found in the sub-title….

Read it all.


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6 comments on “(GetReligion) George Conger–So what sort of Anglican are you?

  1. Cennydd13 says:

    Want to know what kind of Anglican [b]I[/b] am, George? I’m a [b]faithful orthodox Anglican [/b]…..unlike the liberals.

  2. evan miller says:

    Anglo-Catholic traditionalist here.

  3. Cennydd13 says:

    That means me, too, Evan.

  4. sophy0075 says:

    I am the sort of Anglican who believes in the truth of the Creeds, the 39 Articles, and, of course, the primacy of Scripture. The church I attend uses the 1662 BCP revised into modern English, but frankly I sometimes miss the “thees” and other arcane language. I like incense, but it makes me sneeze. I confess to sometimes doing the Episcopal squat rather than kneeling.

  5. MichaelA says:

    I liked the comment from tjmcmahon: “As the old saying goes, for most Protestants, bishops are desirable but unnecessary, and for Anglicans, bishops are necessary but often undesirable”!

  6. New Reformation Advocate says:

    Well, as for me, I’m the “3-D” kind of Anglican: evangelical, catholic, and charismatic, and happy to be part of the ACNA.

    BTW, the new church in Vienna is indeed in the ACNA. At its’ first public service, there were over 300 people present, with over 100 parishioners leaving the mother church, The Falls Church, to help seed the new church. They are indeed off to a good start.

    And yes, MichaelA. The form of that standard ironic joke that I use goes like this: “[i]Bishops may be of the esse of the Church, but they are not always of the bene esse of the Church[/i].”

    Dav id Handy+