Austin, Texas, church will offer Episcopal same-sex blessing

St. David’s Episcopal Church in Austin will bless a same-sex couple next month, possibly becoming the first Episcopal church in Texas to perform the groundbreaking liturgical rite….

Texas does not recognize same-sex unions, and the Episcopal Church stressed that the new rite does not “create or solemnize” any marriage, civil union or legal relationship.
Episcopal churches must request permission from the bishop and then complete a study program to offer same-sex blessings, according to Carol Barnwell, a spokeswoman for the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.
Barnwell said the bishop authorized St. David’s and St. Stephen’s to first offer the rite to see what the church could learn about improving the process through their experiences. She said she expected only about a handful of Episcopal churches, out of 153 in the diocese, will request permission to perform the ceremony.

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4 comments on “Austin, Texas, church will offer Episcopal same-sex blessing

  1. Ralph says:

    “St. David’s Episcopal Church in Austin will bless a same-sex couple next month…”
    Interesting language. At least the reporter doesn’t think that God is involved in the blessing. But (read on) they don’t yet know who it’s going to be.

    “…groundbreaking liturgical rite.”
    Ummm, Communion-breaking satanic ritual.

    “…gays and lesbians make up what its rector, the Rev. David Boyd, called a significant number of the church’s roughly 2,500 parishioners.”
    Would that be as many as 10? Perhaps there are so many that there’s a waiting list for SSBs. Oh, Wait a second. Austin. Not San Francisco.

    “Boyd said this week that he had determined there was general agreement within his church to proceed with the rite.”
    Perhaps Statman might watch ASA and giving.

    “The couple who will receive the blessing have not been selected, nor has a date in February been decided, Boyd said.”
    Quel bizarre!

  2. Ian+ says:

    Maybe they’ll stand a couple of mannequins at the chancel step, kind of like the tradition of an empty catafalque at the Mass of All Souls Day, as a representation of all s-s couples.

  3. Charles52 says:

    I was a member of this parish in the 70s and my heart is breaking. Lord Jesus have mercy.

  4. Bookworm(God keep Snarkster) says:

    IMHO, there’s a lot more that unites Austin and San Francisco than divides it. Go buy a t-shirt there: “KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD”