Popular daycare faces eviction after Tennessee Episcopal Diocese's legal fight

A longtime Nashville daycare operation is being evicted, leaving dozens of families in the lurch, after it found itself caught in the middle of a brutal legal battle over the role of sexuality in the Episcopal Church.

The fight over sexuality and the Bible seemed like a legal disagreement between the Diocese of Tennessee and St. Andrew’s Parish, but the innocent victim in all this is the daycare that sits on church property in Green Hills.

Cooperative Child Care has had a successful model – no scandals, no issues and 30 years of quality service – but now it has been given six months to get out.

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6 comments on “Popular daycare faces eviction after Tennessee Episcopal Diocese's legal fight

  1. Franz says:

    Let’s get this right. The local congregation held the property in trust for the diocese, under the so-called Dennis Canon. Acting in good faith as a trustee, it entered into a leasing agreement with another entity, the day care center. Having entered that lease in good faith, the center made investments in furnishings and perhaps playground equipment. If the day care center has been in compliance with its obligations under its lease, I do not understand why the diocese would not be legally required to honor the lease. Even if it were not legally required to do so, I do not understand why the diocese would not choose to honor its lease. That would be the morally correct thing to do.

  2. Katherine says:

    Franz, the diocese is already morally incorrect in taking property which the diocese had previously deeded to the congregation. It reneged when it insisted that the Denis Canon trumped its promises and the warranty deed. So what’s another level of immorality? Contract? Honoring promises made? After the way they took the property in the first place?

  3. Undergroundpewster says:

    Ugh. This really sounds bad.

    [blockquote]”The diocese wants that prime Green Hills location for office space, and with no legal obligation to honor a lease from St. Andrew’s that stretched to June 2014, the diocese has given Cooperative Child Care until May 31 to vacate the premises…
    …Leaders with the Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee contend they have been truly generous with Cooperative Child Care and that the diocese is actually losing money by renting office space in MetroCenter when it owns this property near Woodmont Boulevard it could move into tomorrow.”[/blockquote]

    If that is true generosity on the part of the diocese, I would hate to see true stinginess.

  4. BlueOntario says:

    #3, it appears the only thing in that piece that the diocese holds true is the word “money.”

  5. drummie says:

    This is a good example of the presiding heretics scorched earth policies. If it was held in trust for the national church through the diocese, the daycare probably could win if they took it to court but at what cost? TEC is nothing but a bunch of moneygrubbing heretics that could really care less about anyone or anything except their agenda and money. They will destroy anyone or anything that gets in their way.

  6. Statmann says:

    The Dio of Tenn came though the 2002 to 2011 years in quite good shape with Members UP 5 percent, ASA down 6 percent, and Infflation adjusted Plate & Plede UP 3 percent. I rank them as Number 1 of 95 dioceses with South Carolina at Number 2. But this choice was between pime office space and children daycare: a no brainer for TEC. Too bad their good fortune in 2002 to 2011 did not produce a bit of charity. Statmann