(C of E Comm. Blog) James Buchanan–The journey concludes as the UN climate talks begin

After walking more than 200 miles in 14 days from London to Paris to highlight the need for a fair, ambitious and binding climate change deal at the UN climate talks, over 30 pilgrims are returning from Paris on the Eurostar in just a couple of hours. It has been quite a journey, both individually and for the group as a whole.

The pilgrimage began with a wonderful service at St Martin-in-the-Fields in Trafalgar Square, where more than 150 people came to show their support, including the Bishop of Salisbury and Church of England’s lead bishop on the environment, Bishop Nicholas Holtam, and Bishop John Sherrington from the Catholic Diocese of Westminster.

Later that morning we were joined by 150 primary school children from Archbishop Sumner School, who sang and played instruments to welcome the pilgrims as they walked through Kennington. There was even a steel band! It was especially moving since many of the pilgrims were walking for the futures of their own grandchildren.

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One comment on “(C of E Comm. Blog) James Buchanan–The journey concludes as the UN climate talks begin

  1. pastorchuckie says:

    “Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Christiana Figueres, was moved to tears as she received more than 1.7 million petition signatures of supporters of faith-based organisations supporting climate action at the Paris talks.”

    I was moved to tears, too. So many things wrong with this picture.

    I’m fed up with people trying to “raise my awareness” of climate change. I’m fed up with Bishops like Katharine Jefferts Schori telling me I’m immoral if I don’t jump on the “climate action” bandwagon.

    I’m fed up with elitists like President Obama saying things like (as he said Monday in Paris):

    “But if we act here, if we act now, if we place our own short-term interests behind the air that our young people will breathe, and the food that they will eat, and the water that they will drink, and the hopes and dreams that sustain their lives, then we won’t be too late for them.”

    So if I don’t buy his “climate action,” I’m putting my “short-term” [selfish] interests ahead of the air my grandchildren will breathe and the water they will drink? Give me a break!

    If they could make an “ambitious and binding deal” to keep nations from dumping toxic chemicals and human waste into the waters; or keep them from pumping heavy metals and poisonous gasses into the air, I would say Bravo! My faith would require me to join that effort.

    But what is “action on climate change”? Requiring developed countries to reduce CO2 emissions?

    Since when have human beings been able to control the climate?

    Since when is CO2 a poisonous gas? (Since the EPA proclaimed that it is.) And what is the connection between CO2 and climate change? Sorry, but the connection hasn’t been proved.

    I’m happy for Bishop Buchanan got so many hugs hiking from Trafalgar Square to Paris. Surprising that he doesn’t mention the tainted Kool-aid everyone was drinking along the way.

    Bogus science plus media circus, plus President Obama trying to be a “rock star” again.