A Church Times Editorial on the CofE HOB Report on Marriage+Same-sex Reltnshps

In the absence of such a solution, the fact that the report was agreed nem. con. by the Bishops suggests only one thing: that each party sees something to its liking in the document. This has been achieved by separating doctrine from pastoral practice. The doctrine of marriage, enshrined (a telling word) in Canon B30, has been reasserted, as being “in its nature a union permanent and lifelong, for better for worse, till death them do part, of one man with one woman, to the exclusion of all others on either side”. This pleases the Catholics, to whom doctrine is their link with the received deposit of belief and the universal Church, and the Protestants, who like things to be stated plainly and unambiguously. At the same time, both these parties, with liberals, welcome ”” perhaps even relish ”” the freedom to respond to difficult pastoral situations in ways that do not challenge the doctrine directly, but which might, in effect, set it temporarily aside. An analogy has been been made to second marriages. The doctrine of a permanent union is preserved, since that is certainly the intention of the couple at the time of the wedding.

Read it carefully and read it all.


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One comment on “A Church Times Editorial on the CofE HOB Report on Marriage+Same-sex Reltnshps

  1. Pb says:

    So we are going to separate further doctrine from practice and end up with an admitted fiasco like the Roman Catholics on birth control. This will contribute to both sides finding something to like? The reason many Christians do not understand the church’s teaching on marriage is that they have never heard it. I found little to like about this article.