(NYT Op-ed) Nicholas Kristof on Honoring the Missing Nigerian Schoolgirls

…here’s a challenge.

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and, by all means, let’s use it to celebrate the moms in our lives with flowers and brunches. But let’s also use the occasion to honor the girls still missing in Nigeria.

One way is a donation to support girls going to school around Africa through the Campaign for Female Education, Camfed.org; a $40 gift pays for a girl’s school uniform.

Another way to empower women is to support Edna Adan, an extraordinary Somali woman who has started her own maternity hospital, midwife training program and private university, saving lives, providing family planning and fighting female genital mutilation. At EdnaHospital.org, a $50 donation pays for a safe hospital delivery.

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One comment on “(NYT Op-ed) Nicholas Kristof on Honoring the Missing Nigerian Schoolgirls

  1. sandlapper says:

    This is a catastrophe. As Bill Atwood said on the American Anglican Council’s website, we should be praying and fasting. The immediate need is for divine help for these girls. Longer tern, Nigeria needs better political leadership, not that we Americans have much room to talk.