(CSM) Will Europe's populist surge hamper post-Hebdo healing?

The terrorist attack in France that targeted a satirical weekly, killing 12 people, has seen an outpouring of solidarity, both in France and around the world, in defense of shared values of free speech and tolerance.

But at the same time, the attack has given new fodder to Europe’s burgeoning populist movements ”“ in a way that could prevent mainstream leaders from easing the tensions in their countries magnified by the assault on the magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Rising resentments across Europe call for leaders to act inclusively against Islamophobia, experts say. But the Continent’s populist swing, already eating away at support for mainstream parties, could extract a greater political cost than European leaders are willing to make.

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3 comments on “(CSM) Will Europe's populist surge hamper post-Hebdo healing?

  1. Katherine says:

    No, sorry, CSM, NY Times, etc. Alleged “Islamophobia” is not the problem. If the immigrants were willing to behave with respect towards their host countries’ cultures people wouldn’t fear them nearly to the same extent. Christian minorities in these countries don’t kill people who criticize their faith.

  2. Terry Tee says:

    It is weird that at a time of crisis and tragedy like this the media start fretting about Islamophobia. I wish peace and all that is good to our fellow Muslim citizens. But I cannot help observing that the crisis, the real crisis is within Islam, not with the host countries.

  3. Katherine says:

    Terry Tee, #2, President al Sisi of Egypt says the same thing. It is up to Muslims to excise this cancer from their community. Pretending “it has nothing to do with Islam” isn’t enough. Young Muslims need to be affirmatively taught, by Muslim authorities, that this violent interpretation is wrong and will not be tolerated.