(Independent) Why the Church of England faces a dilemma on Same-sex Marriage

“We may or may not like it, but we must accept that there is a revolution in the area of sexuality and we have not fully heard it,” said the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Revd Justin Welby, a year ago. But one of his own bishops says that sticking with the traditional line leaves the CofE suspended in mid-air like Wile E Coyote in a Road Runner cartoon, desperately trying to maintain an impossible position.

“The Church is like a cartoon character who has run off a cliff and is frantically moving his legs faster and faster in the hope it will save him, when he knows there is nothing underneath,” says the Right Rev Alan Wilson, one of the more plain speaking bishops.

“There are about a billion human beings on the planet who have access to same-sex marriage in their country or jurisdiction, so the thought that this is going to go away ”“ or that it is just about a few people in San Francisco ”“ is just wrong.”

He believes a fundamental shift in understanding is happening within the wider Church. “The Evangelicals in particular are in a wibbly wobbly place.”

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One comment on “(Independent) Why the Church of England faces a dilemma on Same-sex Marriage

  1. Undergroundpewster says:

    The “Wibbly Wobbly Church” is doomed to die. Nobody can evangelize a “wibbly wobbly” gospel. This is the schism of our generation: the only places left will be either whole in for the new thing or whole out against it.