Bishop John Chapman of Ottawa responds to the General Synod Vote on Same-Sex Marriage

It is time my friends. It is past time.

When the vote was announced I was extremely disappointed. However it is also true that a very significant majority (70%) of General Synod delegates have voted in favour of authorizing same sex marriages. This is good news. Unfortunately, a change to Marriage Canon XXI will not happen at this time. While a strong majority voted in favour in each of the orders of Bishops, Clergy and Laity, the two-thirds threshold required in the Order of Clergy for changing a Canon fell short by one vote.

It is now up to and within the authority of a diocesan bishop to respond in a manner that they deem appropriate.

It is my intention, in consultation with and in partnership with a number of other diocesan bishops to proceed with same sex marriages immediately within the Diocese of Ottawa. While no clergy will be required to officiate at a same sex marriage, those willing may do so with my permission.

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3 comments on “Bishop John Chapman of Ottawa responds to the General Synod Vote on Same-Sex Marriage

  1. Undergroundpewster says:

    Rules? Who needs rules?

  2. dwstroudmd+ says:


    Next, cOE.

  3. tired says:

    “While no clergy will be required to officiate…”

    This simply appears to be self-righteous preening. Bp Chapman’s carefree departure from biblical Christianity renders his oversight and communion a severe challenge, if not intolerable, for any hapless faithful clergy that happen to remain.