ENS Story on the Nevada Diocese's Decision to receive a Roman Catholic priest

The questions arose after a plaintiff listed as John Doe 181 filed a lawsuit June 22 against Conception Abbey, a Roman Catholic monastery in Missouri, where Parry was a monk in the1980s and directed a choir. The plaintiff, now an adult, alleges that Parry had sexual contact with him during a 1987 summer choir camp at the abbey.

The suit also alleges that Parry engaged in inappropriate relationships with other youth in their late teens both at the abbey and while he attended St. John’s School of Theology in Collegeville, Minnesota. The suits claims that “Parry was a known serial child predator who had sexually abused numerous students” before he assaulted the defendant.

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4 comments on “ENS Story on the Nevada Diocese's Decision to receive a Roman Catholic priest

  1. Ralph says:

    “…after three months of sexual treatment at Servants of the Parcelete in New Mexico…”

    One would imagine that ENS might want to correct the spelling of “Paraclete.”

    And again we read, “He’s not a paedophile.” (I think a pedophile is someone who really likes feet.)

    For anyone interested in splitting hairs on terminology, do a search on “chronophilia.”

  2. Creedal Episcopalian says:

    Thanks for that reference to chronophilia, Ralph. With a little Google Fu, I find that I am victim of “gynephilia”. Now that I have a sexual identity, do I qualify for admission into the episcopal clergy or HOD?

  3. Ralph says:

    #2, if you’re a female gynephile, you’re in. Just a matter of the Bishop’s checking the canons first.

    Otherwise, a long period of discernment, showing others your wounds, detailed psychological testing, and a psychiatric interview. And, you may not make it.

    Male priests with gynephilia need to be more careful in TEC, because there’s a dual standard. They may express gynephilia only with their wives.

  4. Creedal Episcopalian says: