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Bishop Mark Lawrence's Sermon: the Gospel in those Seasons when we have no fish (John 21)

You can listen directly there and and download the mp3 there. The sermon proper starts about 10 seconds in.

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Kenya 8: AU 224 – Kenya, Canterbury, ACC and 815

With thanks to Kevin Kallsen and George Conger at Anglican TV

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[PG] Moore would not have published Archbishop paternity story without his consent

Press Gazette: ‘Former Telegraph editor Moore would not have published Archbishop paternity story without his consent’
..Moore said he would not have pursued the story past the research stage without cooperation from Archbishop Welby.

“I think it is a good story to do but only with certain qualifications,” he said. “I thought to myself it would be wrong to front him up with the story and say I will do it whatever happens.”

He added: “In a sense he had power over the story because he could have behaved differently, he could have said go away and I think if he had done that I would not have been able to go further.”
Moore said: “He is a very direct man, decisive, and said let’s have a DNA test because certainty is better than doubt. I said I will organise that and I was a bit surprised actually that he wanted to do that. I thought he might want to have a private chat with his mother in the first instance.”

But the Archbishop believed it was better to find out if the story was true first.

The Archbishop took the DNA test in front of Moore. “The result was undeniable and he immediately accepted it and spoke to his mother,” he said.

Moore understood it was unlikely 86-year-old Lady Williams of Elvel would want to give an interview, but she confirmed the story to her son and released a statement on Friday night.

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ACC holds 'Brazilian' Elections

The council also elected five representatives to the communion’s Standing Committee. They are:

Diocese of Edmonton Bishop Jane Alexander, Anglican Church of Canada
Alistair Dinnie, Scottish Episcopal Church
Jeroham Melendez, Anglican Church of the Region of Central America
The Rev. Nigel Pope, Church of North India (United)
Bishop of Nairobi Joel Waweru, Anglican Church of Kenya

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[GAFCON] Prayer Points for Primates Council April 2016

‘The GAFCON Primates Council is meeting this week in Nairobi (18th-23rd April). As ever, they would value prayer as they seek to guard the Gospel so it can be faithfully proclaimed’.
Below are some points to guide your prayers as well as your praise to our God who is rich in mercy and grace.

Give thanks:

– for the Primates’ willingness to serve the Anglican Communion through the GAFCON Primates Council despite the heavy burdens they carry in their own Provinces.
– for the courageous and faithful leadership of Archbishop Wabukala as he stands down as chairman at this meeting.


– for safety in travelling and at the venue, for visa arrangements to go smoothly and for everyone to arrive as scheduled.
– that the Primates will be united and strong in their love for God’s Word and their resolve to see the Church of God healed and renewed.
– for wisdom in the decisions that need to be made about GAFCON 2018 and the development of the GAFCON movement.
– for the Advisers, Consultants and Secretariat staff who will be supporting the Primates.
– for this meeting to be an encouragement to the Anglican Church of Kenya

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[Otago Times] Christopher Holmes: He who makes all things new

The basis for hope lies outside us and is centred in Jesus, writes Christopher Holmes.
Is there any hope?

That is the question confronting the thoughtful observer of the human condition.

The answer that the Christian faith gives is a resounding yes.

But why?

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[Peter Carrell] Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans NZ – style and substance

Some 360 participants turned out for the first of two Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (NZ) conferences, held at La Vida, Christchurch (and the second begins tomorrow at St Chad’s Meadowbank). I estimate that 330 of the 360 were from the Diocese of Christchurch and 30 were from Dunedin, Nelson and Wellington Dioceses. By my count 30 Christchurch clergy were there, including vicars or priests-in-charge of 19 parishes, with 7 clergy from other dioceses. That is probably the largest Anglican conference held in NZ in a long decade. (I do not know how many are registered for the Auckland conference).
For readers here anxious about how the future of our church will unfold then the conference was a clear reminder that there are matters to be anxious about, all of which turn on whether General Synod comes to a decision or decisions which we can live with. The conference was a frank and robust reminder that synodical government can make decisions which cannot be lived with by the whole of an Anglican church. This was so especially when we heard from David Short (whose church, then St John’s Shaunessy Vancouver, tried to stay within the Diocese of New Westminster in the Anglican Church of Canada when that Diocese first agreed to and then implemented blessings of same sex relationships, and found that, in the end, and to great personal cost to David as well as to his congregation, this was not possible).

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[First Things] Stott Bowdlerized

By Barton Swain
Recently I bought a copy of John Stott’s brief and famous exposition of the Christian gospel, Basic Christianity, which I intended to give to a friend. The book was first published in 1958 and has sold several million copies. It is at once simple and refined, gentle and uncompromising, and many people in the Anglophone world can trace their conversions to reading Stott’s little masterpiece. If any “spiritual classics” were published during the second half of the twentieth century, Basic Christianity surely is one.
Clearly the editor wanted to introduce a new generation to Stott’s beautiful book; his intentions were noble. But the project was a mistake. The Basic Christianity people are buying and reading today is a bad imitation of the original. The editor and publisher had no right to transform Stott’s book as they did, whether or not the author granted his permission. Good books are precious things that belong as much to their readers as they do to their publishers and even their authors. That is doubly so in the case of Basic Christianity, a work that has engaged its readers at the most intimate levels.

One discerns, too, a basic failure to understand the nature of a book. Except in bizarre circumstances, no book on any subject can come close to its original popularity a half century after it was published. Meddling with its text in an effort to make it popular again””dumbing its language down, making its pronouns gender-neutral””can only rob the book of what power it might still have. Anyone who picks up Basic Christianity today will do so because he wants something altogether different from the products available in his own age. He wants something from the past. What he gets instead sounds almost as if it were composed yesterday: chatty, choppy, bereft of much difficulty, with an improbable hint of political correctness.

In a sense, then, the updated book is a metaphor for the modernizing urge so typical of contemporary religiosity. Nothing achieves irrelevance quite so consistently as the feverish attempt to stay relevant.

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A Prayer to Begin the Day from Daily Prayer

O Father of lights, with whom there is no variableness, nor shadow of turning; who abidest steadfast as the stars of heaven: Give us grace to rest upon thy eternal changelessness, and in thy faithfulness find peace; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Daily Prayer, Eric Milner-White and G. W. Briggs, eds. (London: Penguin Books 1959 edition of the 1941 original)

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From the Morning Scripture Readings

Blessed is he who considers the poor!
The Lord delivers him in the day of trouble;
the Lord protects him and keeps him alive;
he is called blessed in the land;
thou dost not give him up to the will of his enemies.
The Lord sustains him on his sickbed;
in his illness thou healest all his infirmities.

–Psalm 41:1-3

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[Herald Zimbabwe] President Mugabe meets Archbishop of Canterbury

President Mugabe yesterday met Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby at State House in Harare. Archbishop Welby applauded relations between the Church and the State in Zimbabwe which he said were improving…

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