AP: Same Sex Partnered Lutheran pastors to be welcomed to church roster

Seven pastors who work in the San Francisco Bay area and were barred from serving in the nation’s largest Lutheran group because of a policy that required gay clergy to be celibate are being welcomed into the denomination.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America will add six of the pastors to its clergy roster at a service at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in San Francisco on Sunday. Another pastor who was expelled from the church, but was later reinstated, will participate in the service.

The group is among the first gay, bisexual or transgender Lutheran pastors to be reinstated or added to the rolls of the ELCA since the organization voted last year to lift the policy requiring celibacy.

Churches can now hire noncelibate gay clergy who are in committed relationships.

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3 comments on “AP: Same Sex Partnered Lutheran pastors to be welcomed to church roster

  1. Brian of Maryland says:

    Another mainline trainwreck …

  2. DTerwilliger says:

    Apparently The Scriptures, Creeds and Confessions no longer serve as unifying sources of authority.

  3. Lutheran-MS says:

    The E_CA has already jettison the Bible and the Lutheran Confessions, they should drop Lutheran from their name.