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Niels Jensen : When the Chickens Come Home to Roost

A good discussion with helpful charts of the current credit crisis.

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ENS: Design Group hails Lambeth Conference's success

The Lambeth Conference Design Group, meeting one last time to review last summer’s gathering of Anglican bishops, was unanimous in its assessment that the 2008 conference was an overwhelming success, says the Rev. Ian Douglas, the group’s only U.S.-based Episcopal Church member.

Underscoring the missiological focus of the July 16-August 3 Lambeth Conference, Douglas said that the design group’s work had been “led by the Holy Spirit” as its members “asked prayerfully what God wanted us to do ”¦ It gave the group a fortitude of spirit and confidence that sustained us throughout the planning.”

“The design group felt that the vision they had, along with that of the Archbishop of Canterbury, had played out well,” said Sue Parks, Lambeth Conference manager, who noted that the group was “very conscious of all the people around the communion who had held the Lambeth Conference in prayer and the prayerful way the bishops had approached the gathering.”

The design group, which has met regularly since February 2004, held its final meeting November 4-6 at the Anglican Communion Office in London to measure the effectiveness of the conference theme, “Equipping bishops for God’s mission,” assess whether the bishops’ identity as Anglicans had been strengthened, and to discuss the nature and worth of the Indaba process.

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Quad City Times: Episcopal Church split in Quincy might turn into conflict over property

Fallout from the weekend decision by the Diocese of Quincy, Ill., to leave the Episcopal Church of the United States may include litigation over millions of dollars’ worth of property and assets.

“We pray there will be no litigation,” the Rev. Ed den Blaauwen said Monday. Den Blaauwen, the rector of Christ Church in Moline, is also the newly appointed vicar general of the diocese that is now aligned with the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone, based in Argentina.

Church resources would be better used for Christian activities than in the courts, he added.

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USA Today: Roman Catholic bishops urge opposing abortion in politics

The nation’s Catholic leaders, fresh from the defeat of many of their most urgent abortion opposition issues in addition to the election of a president who supports abortion rights, came back swinging on Monday at their annual fall meeting in Baltimore.

“The common good can never be adequately incarnated in any society when those waiting to be born can be legally killed at choice,” said Cardinal Francis George, drawing applause in his opening address to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

“If the Supreme Court’s Dred Scott decision that African Americans were other people’s property and somehow less than persons were still settled constitutional law, Mr. Obama would not be president of the United States. Today, as was the case 150 years ago, common ground cannot be found by destroying the common good.”

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The Episcopal Church of the Sudan reburies its first Archbishop in Juba, 16 years after his death

On Saturday 8th November 2008 the Episcopal Church of the Sudan (ECS) reburied the remains of its first Archbishop, the late Most Rev. Elinana J. Ngalamu, in a grave behind All Saints’ Cathedral, Juba, Southern Sudan. The first Archbishop’s coffin, originally buried in Khartoum in October 1992 following his death there on 29th September 1992, was exhumed on Thursday 6th November 2008 and flown to Juba with an accompanying delegation on Friday 7th.

On the morning of Saturday 8th a brief burial ceremony was conducted by the current Archbishop, the Most Rev. Dr. Daniel Deng Bul, accompanied by the bishops of Khartoum, Rokon, Lainya, Rumbek, Ibba, Rejaf, Mundri and Lui, the assistant bishops of Torit, Bor and Juba, and the retired bishop of Mundri. Archbishop Daniel, sighting Moses’ reburial of Joseph’s bones in Canaan after his return to the Promised Land from exile in Egypt, prayed that Archbishop Elinana’s “homecoming” be symbolic in the hearts of Sudanese Anglicans in all marginalised areas as a final homecoming. He pleaded that never again should the Church have to flee from these areas as Archbishop Elinana fled from Juba to Khartoum in the 1980s to die in exile in 1992. He thanked God for the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) that ended the 21-year civil war in 2005 and allowed the homecoming of the first Archbishop.

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MP speaks out in favour of continued establishment of the Church of England

A Disestablished Church is not part of a truly liberal society, the British MP Sir Alan Beith has said.

Speaking at the Liberal Democrat Christian Forum’s inaugural Gladstone Lecture, Sir Alan told members of the Liberal Democrat party that “disestablishment is not a necessary feature of a diverse and multi-cultural society.”

He said: “I know of no evidence that significant numbers of Muslims, Jews, Hindus or Sikhs are at all interested in getting the Church of England disestablished, and it is no longer a popular view with nonconformists or Catholics as it was a century ago.”

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South Carolina Mark Sanford takes aim at bailouts

Gov. Mark Sanford urged residents Monday to make their voices heard before Congress makes any more decisions about how to deal with the ailing economy.

Sanford said that ordinary taxpayers are being hoodwinked and that he believes using more government money to push the nation out of a financial mess is a big mistake.

“The federal government, and by extension taxpayers, are being gamed. I think it’s dangerous over the long run the way that taxpayers are being sapped, and this dynamic is playing out in South Carolina,” Sanford wrote in a letter Friday to U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to alert him to unintended consequences in South Carolina.

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In Flanders Fields

In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae (1872-1918). It is just so moving and powerful you find yourself coming back to it again and again–KSH.

P.S. the circumstances which led to the poem are well worth remembering:

It is a lasting legacy of the terrible battle in the Ypres salient in the spring of 1915 and to the war in general. McCrea had spent seventeen days treating injured men — Canadians, British, French, and Germans in the Ypres salient. McCrae later wrote: “I wish I could embody on paper some of the varied sensations of that seventeen days… Seventeen days of Hades! At the end of the first day if anyone had told us we had to spend seventeen days there, we would have folded our hands and said it could not have been done.” The next day McCrae witnessed the burial of a good friend, Lieut. Alexis Helmer. Later that day, sitting on the back of an ambulance parked near the field dressing station, McCrea composed the poem. A young NCO, delivering mail, watched him write it. When McCrae finished writing, he took his mail from the soldier and, without saying a word, handed his pad to the Sergeant-major. Cyril Allinson was moved by what he read: “The poem was exactly an exact description of the scene in front of us both. He used the word blow in that line because the poppies actually were being blown that morning by a gentle east wind. It never occurred to me at that time that it would ever be published. It seemed to me just an exact description of the scene.” Colonel McCrae was dissatisfied with the poem, and tossed it away. A fellow officer retrieved it and sent it to newspapers in England. The Spectator, in London, rejected it, but Punch published it on 8 December 1915. For his contributions as a surgeon, the main street in Wimereaux is named “Rue McCrae”.

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A personal Challenge to Blog readers: Listen to a War Letter Today

There is a fabulous resource for this courtesy of the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. There are many themes from which to choose, and various letters to see the text of and listen to. Take a moment a drink at least one in, and, if you have a moment, tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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A Prayer for Veteran's Day

God of peace,
we pray for those who have served our nation
and who laid down their lives
to protect and defend our freedom.

We pray for those who have fought,
whose spirits and bodies are scarred by war,
whose nights are haunted by memories
too painful for the light of day.

We pray for those who serve us now,
especially for those in harm’s way.
Shield them from danger
and bring them home.

Turn the hearts and minds
of our leaders and our enemies
to the work of justice and a harvest of peace.

Spare the poor, Lord, spare the poor!

Let the peace you left us,
the peace you gave us,
be the peace that sustains,
the peace that saves us.

Christ Jesus, hear us!
Lord Jesus, hear our prayer!

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In South Carolina's Lowcountry, Homeless vets find hope

Army veteran David Platt used to sleep in abandoned houses in North Charleston, after his alcohol-fueled descent into homelessness.

He was among the roughly 300,000 veterans the government estimates are homeless during the course of each year in the United States. But a growing network of services in the Charleston area has helped him change his life.

“Four years ago, I was a homeless drunk on the streets, picking cigarette butts out of ashtrays,” said Platt, 51, formerly of Mount Pleasant. “When I finally got honest with myself, this is where I came.”

Platt is living at the Good Neighbor Center in North Charleston, one of several transitional housing facilities for homeless veterans in the region. He’s nearly completed an associate’s degree in horticulture at Trident Technical College, and is looking forward to living independently.

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An Editorial from the Local Paper: Our Inspiring Veterans

Veterans Day isn’t just a special day for America’s military veterans. It’s a day for all who rightly recognize the indispensable contributions our veterans have made to freedom not just for our nation but for the world.

Col. John “Red” Millander, commander of the 437th Airlift Wing at Charleston Air Force Base, correctly points out on this page that the courageous folks of today’s armed forces are still making such contributions.

Americans in military uniforms have sustained a noble ”” and constant ”” tradition of duty, honor and country for more than two centuries. The venues, reasons, terms of engagement, and popularity of the bloody conflicts in which they have fought have continually changed.

Yet their brave devotion to our nation has remained steadfast.

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Veterans Day at the VA medical center in S.F.

Old habits die hard.

In a small room at the San Francisco Veterans Administration Medical Center on Monday, a dozen old soldiers sat in wheelchairs to one side of the podium. It took awhile to get everyone situated, and politicians to talk. But these guys learned the finer points of “hurry up and wait” a long time ago.

Soon, the Veterans Day ceremony began. A color guard of JROTC students from San Francisco’s Washington High School brought in the American flag.

Michael O’Neal pushed up from his chair and stood on his only remaining foot.

After a bit, everyone sang the national anthem. O’Neal raised his hand to his face and held the salute. A tear formed at the corner of his only remaining eye.

Read the whole article.

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A Remarkably Powerful Piece from Canada on Honoring Soldiers Lost in Battle

It is Veteran’s Day–please take the time to watch it all.

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Traditionalist Anglicans urged not to become insular

Traditionalist Anglicans, smarting over the General Synod’s vote on women bishops, were urged on Saturday [Nov 1] not to become insular and “keep themselves to themselves”.

The appeal was issued by “flying bishop” Martyn Jarrett at a traditionalists’ Northern Festival in York Minster attended by thousands of Anglo-Catholics from all parts of the York province and beyond.

Bishop Jarrett, Bishop of Beverley, was preaching almost four months after July’s synod vote on women in the episcopate which traditionalists see as giving them no protection when females don mitres, possibly by 2013.

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