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South Carolina Consecration Plans Underway; An Interview with Bishop-Elect Lawrence

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Atheists find a place at Yale Divinity School

Matt Riley, a second-year student at Yale Divinity School in New Haven, Conn., helps lead “The Left Behind,” a club of atheists and agnostics at one of the nation’s premier training grounds for clergy.

Along with co-leader Christy Groves, Riley has given nonbelievers a place of their own on a campus that explores belief. He chose divinity school, he says, to obtain an “inside view.” The club fosters dialogue between non-Christians and Christians on campus and staged “Div School Idol,” a takeoff on American Idol in the chapel last spring.

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Wash. Times: Presiding Bishop Bishop says she made diocese sue 11 churches

According to prior testimony, Virginia Bishop Peter J. Lee was ready to accept buyouts from the 11 departing churches, several of which sat on historic pieces of property in Fairfax and Falls Church. That changed after he met with the new presiding bishop soon after her Nov. 4, 2006, installation.

“I told Bishop Lee I could not support negotiations for sale if the congregations intended to set up as other parts of the Anglican Communion,” Bishop Jefferts Schori said, referring to the 77 million-member worldwide body of which the Episcopal Church is a part.

What particularly angered her, she said, was the presence of the Nigerian-controlled Convocation of Anglicans in North America, then headquartered in Fairfax. An American bishop for CANA, the Rt. Rev. Martyn Minns, had been consecrated that August.

CANA’s presence “violates the ancient principle of the church that two bishops do not have jurisdiction in the same area,” said the presiding bishop, whose face appeared on three screens positioned around the courtroom.

Under further questioning by attorneys for CANA, she said that had the property been sold to a Methodist or Baptist congregation, she would not have objected.

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BabyBlue–Day Three: Update from the Courthouse

John Yates, among others, took the stand. Check it out.

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Anglican TV will be Livestreaming the Fort Worth Convention

The link is here

For the agenda and documents, see the Convention page on the diocesan Web site.

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133rd Synod of the Diocese of Niagara to Debate Same Sex Blessings Resolution

Here is the motion:

Whereas the Diocese of Niagara wishes to express to the House of Bishops and the
Council of General Synod the conviction that we believe that God is calling us to move
forward now; to wait before the faithful relationships of our gay and lesbian members
are blessed by the Church would be unloving and cause further pain and suffering
Whereas the Diocese of Niagara respects and honours those within our Diocese who,
because of their theological position or as a matter of conscience, cannot agree with
the blessings of same sex unions.
Be it resolved:
That this Synod request the Bishop to allow clergy, whose conscience permits, to
bless the duly solemnized and registered civil marriages between same-sex
couples, where at least one party is baptized, and to authorize rites for such
Mover: The Reverend Canon Dr. Margaret Murray
St. Matthias, Guelph
Seconder: Ms. Marilyn Robbins
St. James, Dundas

A webcast of the Bishop’s Address is here.

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SF Chronicle: Barry Bonds indicted on 4 perjury counts, obstruction of justice

The perjury case against former Giants star Barry Bonds is built on documents seized in a federal raid on a Burlingame steroids lab and positive drug test results indicating that baseball’s all-time home run king used steroids, court records show.

Bonds, perhaps the greatest hitter of his generation, was indicted Thursday on four counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice. He is accused of lying under oath in December 2003 when he told the grand jury that investigated the BALCO steroid ring that he had never used banned drugs.

The 43-year-old free-agent outfielder faces arraignment Dec. 7 in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, months of legal proceedings – and a federal prison term of about 30 months if he is convicted at trial, legal experts said.

In the indictment, federal prosecutors said Bonds lied when he denied using a long list of banned drugs, including steroids, testosterone, human growth hormone and “the clear,” the undetectable designer steroid marketed by BALCO.

Bonds also lied when he testified that his longtime personal trainer, Greg Anderson, had never injected him with drugs, the government contended. The trainer, who was imprisoned for contempt of court after he refused to testify against Bonds, was freed Thursday night, hours after Bonds’ indictment was unsealed.

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Bill Plaschke: The shame of the game

Clueless Barry Bonds and the Juiced Sox Scandal of 2007.

Yeah, it’s that bad.

Not since the fixed World Series of 1919 has baseball been in such a fix, its most accomplished player indicted Thursday for lying about cheating his way to its most glamorous record.

United States of America v. Barry Lamar Bonds.

United States of America v. Its Own Doggone National Pastime.

Yeah, it’s that awful.

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Bishop Tom Butler on Communion

From biblical times Communion is a key word in church history meaning a fellowship of Christians devoted to the apostles teaching. The Anglican Communion, mirroring the Commonwealth, is a network of independent church provinces, giving a position of honour to the Archbishop of Canterbury, just as the Commonwealth sees the Queen as its symbolic focus of unity, and until now the Communion has relied upon strong bonds of mutual affection to hold it together.

Sadly, that seems no longer to be the case. There’s now talk of one province or another being expelled from the Communion if they don’t change their ways; and the argument that their ways make perfect sense in the context in which their church is set, no longer convinces all the members. There’s a demand for club rules, dignified by being called a Covenant. Fine perhaps, if they merely spell out the kind of behaviour expected in this family – less fine if they result in the stern demand – “Go and never darken our doorstep again” – for the family rules are not the family; as Groucho Marx also said, “A child of five would understand this – send someone to fetch a child of five.”

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Liberia: Episcopalians Elect New Bishop Saturday

Members of the Episcopal Church of Liberia are expected in the central region of the country to elect a new Bishop this Saturday at the Epiphany Chapel on the campus of the Cuttington University College in Suakoko, Bong County.

The election of the church’s new Bishop which should have been held last year was postponed by incumbent Bishop Edward W. Neufville on grounds that the retirement age of bishop was extended from 65 to 70.

Consequently, Bishop Neufville celebrates his 70th birth anniversary Friday while the election for a new bishop for the Diocese takes place Saturday.

According to some members who are desperate to elect a new bishop, the Episcopal Church which was established in 1822 in Cape Palmas, Maryland County, Southeast of Liberia by missionaries from the United States has retrogressed since the death of the late Archbishop George D. Brown in the early 1990s.

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Church Times: Southern Cone offers haven to disaffected US dioceses

“We are not going to cross boundaries in this. If [dioceses] want to leave, then they’ve made their decision, and the doors are open ”” but only those who have taken the steps to walk away from the Episcopal Church,” he emphasised. The three Forward in Faith (FiF) dioceses of Fort Worth, Quincy, and San Joaquin confirmed at the FiF international conference in London last month that conversations about affiliating with an overseas province were “very far along” (News, 26 October).

When asked if it made any difference whether disaffected dioceses joined the Convocation of Anglicans in North America (CANA) or the Province of the Southern Cone, Bishop Venables said there was “No difference whatsoever. We just feel we’re here to help, and they decide where they’d like to find a home. People are free to choose. If a decision is to be made, we want it to be an accountable and shared decision that we all make, not just an unravelling that happens because circumstances take it that way.”

The Bishops of the Southern Cone have justified their action as a response to a “deep and desperate crisis”. They have cited the absence of references, in the US bishops’ response to the Primates from New Orleans, to Lambeth resolution 1:10 on human sexuality, and to the Anglican Covenant. They also cite the Episcopal Church’s continuing “blessing of what God seeks to redeem”; increasing lawsuits; disregard of the needs of orthodox parishes; and failure to provide alternative oversight.

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NY Times Letters: A Gas Tax and Other Energy Ideas

Here is one:

To the Editor:

Thomas L. Friedman’s column hits the nail right on the head. For the last 30 years, since Walter F. Mondale suffered a landslide defeat for having the courage to pledge to raise taxes in order to close the budget deficit, our national leaders have refused to show similar courage in addressing any difficult issue ”” from the need for a gasoline tax to cut our dependence on foreign oil to the need to cut benefits or raise taxes to resolve the crisis in the Social Security system.

The politicians’ lack of courage is regrettable but understandable, since they all want to get elected. What is more regrettable and completely incomprehensible is how the voting public and the media allow our leaders to get away with such cowardice. If we continue to allow the candidates in both parties to tell us only what we want to hear instead of the truth that we need to hear, we will deserve the inept leadership that we will get.

Avi Moskowitz
West Hempstead, N.Y., Nov. 15, 2007

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Pope to make first visit to U.S. in 2008

Benedict XVI will make his first visit to the USA as pope next year, going to the 9/11 Ground Zero site, addressing the United Nations and saying Masses at baseball stadiums in Washington and New York.
Nearly 300 bishops stood to applaud after the pope’s U.S. representative, Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Pietro Sambi, announced the plans Monday at the opening session of the three-day fall meeting of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The visit, set for April 15-20, will coincide with Benedict’s 81st birthday and the third anniversary of his papal election. As a cardinal, he visited the USA twice.

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USA Today: For a nation in denial, the buck drops here

The dollar is under siege. This time the assailants are not just currency traders. They are the likes of supermodel Gisele Bundchen, who prefers not to be paid with it, and rapper Jay-Z, who palms a wad of 500 euro notes in his latest video.

It may be easy to shrug this off. What lingerie models think about global economic trends might be even more insignificant than what movie stars think about presidential candidates. At last word, Bundchen’s boyfriend, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, was still accepting his paychecks in dollars. And if Europeans want to circulate a 500 euro note that becomes international drug dealers’ currency of choice, so be it.

But when pop culture starts dissing the dollar, smug dismissal is not such a good idea. The falling buck ”” now worth less than the Canadian dollar and down 40% against the euro ”” hits middle America hard by making everything from steel to gasoline more expensive.

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A Soldier Returns Home

Makes the heart really glad–don’t miss it.

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