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It's THAT season again… Diocesan Conventions Galore

Whew. It’s time to gear up for the annual fall Diocesan Conventions spree. Forty-three conventions scheduled for October!!

We elves probably won’t have time to do the exhaustive coverage we attempted at least for part of the convention season last fall. We need readers’ help. PRIOR to your diocesan convention, please send us any important info on resolutions or budgets for your diocese. And then AFTER convention, send us info on what resolutions passed, your bishops’ convention address, etc. We’re counting on you!

Here are the list of October Conventions:

10/4/2007 – 10/7/2007 Alaska (St. Matthew’s Church – Fairbanks, AK)
10/4/2007 – 10/7/2007 Wyoming (Jackson, WY)
10/5/2007 – 10/6/2007 Colorado (St. John’s Cathedral – Denver, CO)
10/5/2007 – 10/7/2007 Montana (Copper King Hotel – Butte, MT)
10/5/2007 – 10/6/2007 North Dakota (Kelly Inn – Bismarck, ND)
10/5/2007 – 10/7/2007 South Dakota (Oacoma, SD)

10/12/2007 – 10/13/2007 Bethlehem (Cathedral Church of the Nativity – Bethlehem, PA)
10/12/2007 – 10/14/2007 Eastern Oregon (St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church – Prineville, OR)
10/12/2007 – 10/13/2007 Milwaukee (Italian Community Center – Milwaukee, WI)
10/12/2007 – 10/14/2007 Nevada (South Point Hotel – Las Vegas, NV)
10/12/2007 – 10/14/2007 Northern Michigan
10/12/2007 – 10/13/2007 Western Louisiana (Holiday Inn Convention Centre Hotel – Alexandria, LA)

10/18/2007 – 10/21/2007 Churches in Europe (American Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Paris.)
10/19/2007 – 10/20/2007 Arizona (Sheraton Crescent Hotel, Phoenix)
10/19/2007 – 10/20/2007 California
10/19/2007 – 10/20/2007 Connecticut (Christ Church Cathedral – Hartford, CT)
10/19/2007 – 10/20/2007 Dallas
10/19/2007 – 10/20/2007 Eastern Michigan (St. John’s Church – Saginaw, MI)
10/19/2007 – 10/20/2007 Fond Du Lac (Liberty Hall – Appleton, WI)
10/19/2007 – 10/20/2007 Kansas (Kansas Expocentre – Topeka, KS)
10/19/2007 – 10/20/2007 Quincy (Christ Church – Moline, IL)
10/19/2007 – 10/20/2007 Rio Grande (Cathedral Church of St. John – Albuquerque, NM)
10/19/2007 – 10/21/2007 Spokane (Termplin’s Red Lion Hotel on the River – Post Falls, ID)
10/19/2007 – 10/20/2007 Western Kansas (Garden City, KS)
10/20/2007 – 10/20/2007 Southwest Florida (Venice Community Center – Venice, FL)
10/21/2007 – 10/21/2007 Puerto Rico (Coliseo Juan “Pachin” Vicens – Ponce, Santa Eucaristía – Puerto Rico)

10/26/2007 – 10/27/2007 Hawaii (St. Andrew’s Cathedral & Prince Kuhio Hoten – Honolulu, HI)
10/26/2007 – 10/28/2007 Idaho (Idaho Falls, ID)
10/26/2007 – 10/28/2007 Indianapolis (Holiday Inn Conference Center – Columbus, IN)
10/26/2007 – 10/27/2007 Maine (Bangor Civic Center – Bangor, ME)
10/26/2007 – 10/27/2007 Michigan (Holiday Inn South – Lansing, MI)
10/26/2007 – 10/27/2007 Minnesota (St. Paul River Centre – St. Paul, MN)
10/26/2007 – 10/27/2007 Nebraska (corrected per comment below)
10/26/2007 – 10/28/2007 Northwest Texas (San Angelo, TX)
10/26/2007 – 10/27/2007 Rhode Island (The Biltmore Hotel – Providence, RI)
10/26/2007 – 10/27/2007 San Joaquin
10/26/2007 – 10/27/2007 Upper South Carolina (Christ Church – Greenville, SC)
10/26/2007 – 10/27/2007 Utah (Cathedral Church of St. Mark – Salt Lake City, UT)
10/26/2007 – 10/27/2007 Western Massachusetts (Springfield Sheraton – Springfield, MA)
10/26/2007 – 10/27/2007 Western New York
10/27/2007 – 10/27/2007 El Camino Real (Sherwood Hall – Salinas, CA)
10/27/2007 – 10/27/2007 Northern Indiana
10/27/2007 – 10/28/2007 Springfield (Trinity – Jacksonville, IL)

You can find a list of all conventions here: by date, by diocese.

All the T19 diocesan convention posts will be under this category link

Update: We’re putting together an Excel Spreadsheet. It will have any links we find to the diocesan convention website, proposed resolutions, and then post-convention materials (final resolutions, bishops’ speech) if/when they are posted online. Here’s the link.

We’ll try to update it regularly. (So far we just have a few links for this weekend’s conventions. But we will add more over the weekend)

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Anglican TV: Common Cause Press Conference Friday

Anglican TV has now posted the video of the press conference from yesterday afternoon in Pittsburgh. Here’s the link.

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We are Looking for Diocesan and Parish Responses the the House of Bishops Statement

Please do not assume we have seen them and pass them along. Full text by email preferred, url is o.k. if you are in a hurry–thanks.

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From the AAC: What The Tanzania Comnmunique Asked for, and What the Bishops said in New Orleans

Read it all.

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Anglican TV Schedule — live broadcast from Pittsburgh planned 8 pm Eastern tonight — UPDATE

Kevin Kallsen of Anglican TV is in Pittburgh now. He plans a live stream of the Common Cause Bishops Council tonight at 8 pm Eastern (11:00 GMT / midnight London)

Here’s the post where the stream from Pittsburgh will be broadcast.

You can read about Kevin’s schedule and broadcast plans here.

NOW scheduled for approx 8 p.m. eastern (not 7) since there is no wifi to enable him to broadcast live:

Update: There is no internet in the William Penn Ballroom. There is free internet in the lobby. Sssoooo, I will tape the opening address of Bishop Duncan and then run up to the lobby and broadcast it. I would imagine it would be sometime around 8:00pm.

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Press conference video now up at Baby Blue

Part 1 of press conference video is posted at Baby Blue:

Matt’s Live Blog text is here:

more links as we get them

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Greg Griffith's "Monday Morning Catch-Up" Thread

A fantastic job by Greg rounding up all the important news and links of last week. Read it here.

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Baby Blue has a video clip of today's press conference remarks by ++Rowan

For those of you like this poor elf who missed Anglican TV’s live stream of today’s press conference with Rowan Williams, despair not. Baby Blue has come to the rescue. Here’s the link:

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ENS has video of Abp. of Canterbury's sermon online

Go to this page and then scroll down to bottom left for the video / audio section.

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Bishop Jenkins video and pictures from today available on ENS

ENS / Episcopal Life Online has a video by Louisiana Bishop Charles Jenkins posted. You can watch that here.

Update: Haven’t watched it all yet…, juggling too much else. But, the part we watched was all about Katrina relief.

ENS has also posted a picture gallery from this morning’s Eucharist here.

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Anglican TV streaming today's press conference

Anglican TV is going to be streaming today’s press conference which should begin at about 4:30 Central / 5:30 Eastern / 22:30 London

UPDATE: We’ve added links to live blogs of the press conf. by BabyBlue and Matt Kennedy in the comments
UPDATE 2: Link to Integrity’s take on the press conf. is now also in the comments, and now the link to Rachel Zoll’s AP story.

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Links for news from New Orleans

By request, making this sticky.
Here’s a roundup of folks who are providing live coverage of the HoB meetings in New Orleans.

NOTE: I’ve un-stickied two previously sticky posts. Here are the links:

— Monday mornings’ “Catch Up Reading” Links by Greg G. is here.
Kendall’s Proposal is here:
Episcopal News Service:

latest article: Eight bishops agree to serve as ‘episcopal visitors’

[b]UPDATE:[/b] Here is a MUCH better link. ALL the HoB stories from ENS on one page.


Stand Firm has a big team onsite: Greg Griffith, the Rev. Matt Kennedy, Sarah Hey, Jackie Bruchi

Matt’s latest entry is here:


Anglicans United: Cherie Wetzel is providing detailed reports online and via e-mail

Cherie’s latest is here:


The intrepid and wonderfully creative Baby Blue is onsite too:

Mary’s latest is here: [link fixed, sorry!]
She’s also got some pictures to help “set the scene” here:


The Living Church has the Rev. George Conger and probably others (?) reporting:

TLC’s latest is here:

[Not sure whether George Conger will be posting articles or pix to his personal blog, but if he does, here’s the link: ]

Anglican TV’s Kevin Kallsen is also onsite, though doesn’t yet have anything posted from N.O.


Integrity’s reports from John Gibson and John Bradley can be found here:

Here’s the latest update/commentary from them:


Not sure if Episcopal Cafe has anyone in N.O. [no, Jim Naughton is not there. Not sure if any other cafe reporters are there.]
Here’s the link:


EpiScope (Jan Nunley’s official TEC blog) is here:



Just had an e-mail from Chip Webb of the IRD. He too is in N’awlins and is commenting at his blog Anglican Action:

With the unintended juxtaposition of links to EpiScope and the IRD, the elf must confess a strong temptation to break out into a chorus of “Hail hail the gang’s all here…!” 😉

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A Sept. 17, 2007, Audio of Archbishop Henry Orombi and Bishop John Guernsey in Florida

An audio mp3 file–listen to it all.

link is fixed

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Dr. Harding's Blog has moved

The Rev’d Dr. Leander Harding has moved his blog. Here is the new address:

Please update your bookmarks! We’ve updated the link on the T19 sidebar.

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Archbishop Henry Orombi's Press Conference

Watch it all courtesy of Anglican TV

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FYI: Anglican TV will be Streaming Kenyan Consecrations at 1 p.m. Eastern

As many of our readers know, Kevin Kallsen of Anglican TV is in Africa to record the consecrations of Bill Murdoch and Bill Atwood in Kenya (today) and John Guernsey in Uganda (Sunday Sept. 2).

His one-hour long broadcast (of a portion of the 4 hour service) from Nairobi today will begin at 1 p.m. Eastern. You’ll find it at Anglican TV.

If you appreciate Kevin’s service in filming these events, please consider donating to help Kevin’s internet costs.

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DVD's of ++Venables' Bible studies available as an Anglican TV fundraiser

Kevin Kallsen of Anglican TV is making Apb. Venables’ bible teachings from last week’s Network Council meetings available on DVD. Proceeds will support Anglican TV’s ministry. Details here.

Or if you’re not in the market for a DVD, but want to support Anglican TV, read here to find out about Kevin’s funding needs for a possible trip to Africa to record the consecrations of bishops-elect Atwood and Guernsey.

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Anglican TV: All audio & video of ++Venables' Bible Study

For the record, you can now access all three of the talks by Southern Cone Primate Greg Venables at last week’s Network Council meetings. They are available both as videos, and MP3 audio files.

Here’s the link for all 3 Bible Studies.

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Sarah Hey interviews Kendall on Leadership

Stand Firm has posted the first two of five clips of a video interview Sarah Hey conducted with Kendall back in April. This elf has watched them both. Sarah’s got some great questions and it’s a wonderful way to learn more about our favorite canon theologian and blog convener!

Here are the first two links. We’ll of course bump this up when the other videos in the series are posted. Each video is about 13-15 minutes.

Video: Kendall Harmon on Leadership, Part 1
Video: Kendall Harmon on Leadership, Part 2

Update: Parts 3 and 4 are now posted:

Part 3
Part 4

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Audio & Video files of Network Council Meetings — Many now available

Kevin Kallsen of Anglican TV is making progress getting the audio and videos from this week’s Network Council meetings online. You can find those he’s posted and those still yet to come here:

Here are a few of the highlights and links:

ACN Council Meeting 2007 Moderator’s Address
Bishop Duncan’s Monday Morning address to the gathering

ACN Council Meeting 2007 PB Venables Bible Study (#1)
++Venables’ first teaching to the gathering, Monday afternoon (Abraham, Genesis 12)

ACN 2007 Final Press Conference
Tuesday afternoon’s final press conference. Participants: +Duncan, +Ackerman, +Iker, +Sutton, Thompson+ (Dean of Western Convocation), ++Venables

There’s more there, and more still to be posted so check it out.
And if these are a blessing to you, leave a tip for Kevin and Anglican TV if you’re able!

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A nice set of pictures from the Network Council Meetings

Kevin Kallsen has posted a nice set of pictures from the Network Council meetings.

Video stream archives can be found here:
See: “Past Clips” — recommended: last night’s press conference (2nd clip from left); Venables III (3rd clip from left).

Imagine the better quality MP3 recordings will be posted at Anglican TV within a few days.

Note, yesterday’s “Open Thread” on the Network Council has a lot of info and links in its comment thread, including identification of the bishops in the press conference, etc.

[b]UPDATE: We’re playing “name that bishop” — need some help with 2-3 bishops. Input welcome[/b]

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Video: ACN Council Press Conference – Monday

Bishops Duncan, Iker and Ackerman discuss the Archbishop of Canterbury, women’s ordination, accession to TEC’s constitution, and the balance of autonomy and catholicity in the Episcopal Church. (This post originated at Stand Firm).

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OPEN THREAD for COMMENTS on Network Council Meeting

8:30 p.m. Eastern. Meetings are done. Live Feed is now over

Video archives can be found here:
NOTE: Tonight’s press conference is second box from the left under “past clips”
We also recommend “Venables III” — third box from left

More will eventually be posted at Anglican TV, I’m sure:

We’ll keep this thread on top until tomorrow so folks can find the various news tidbits below.

You can read some of what happened this morning in the comments below.

The Live Feed for the Anglican Council Meeting can be viewed here:
Also at Anglican TV here: which has LIVE CHAT (text) going on.

Update: Matt K+ has a summary of this morning’s session posted now on Stand Firm.

Given the Technical Problems with comments at Stand Firm, we thought it would help to start an open thread for Comments on the Network Council meeting here. So… comment away.

The Live Feed for the Anglican Council Meeting can be viewed here:
(Also at Anglican TV here:

Or at Stand Firm. Note: I believe articles at Stand Firm are now accessible. It is just comments that are broken

Clips of yesterday’s video coverage are online here. See our post below for time stamp details of ++Venables address.

Also, it appears Peter Ould is hosting a chatroom on the live feed of the video over at Anglican TV:

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Some of Yesterday's Network Council videos now online

Go here:

And look for the 3 “Past Clips” boxes.

It appears that some of the early morning videos (Bp. Duncan’s speech) are still missing.

The box on the far left is the final session of the afternoon and includes Abp. Venables sermon/Bible study in the late afternoon (HIGHLY recommended)
++Venables begins speaking at 41:22 (Slide the button on the play bar to the right to advance the video time count to 41:22)

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Anglican TV is live streaming Network Council Plenary Meetings!

Updated Tuesday 09:00 Eastern


It’s been quite an amazing privilege to watch much of the ACN Meeting on Monday coverage live. Abp. Venables’ sermon at the end of the day was fabulous. Must watching if at all possible. Note: Anglican TV will be posting MP3 files of most of Monday’s coverage as soon as they can. So those who missed the live feed should be able to listen soon.
You can watch the plenary meetings of the ACN Council meeting in Fort Worth online thanks to Anglican TV

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Other Atonement Debate Links

Lent & Easter may be over, but some of the controversy stirred up by some prominent CoE leader’s remarks on the Atonement back in April continues:

Jeffrey John’s Lent Talk


Giles Fraser’s Guardian article Cross Purposes (April 2007)


Related Google Search
Turns up responses from

Albert Mohler:

This Crosswalk article

apparently this debate has spilled over into the Emerging Church movement…


Adrian Warnock’s blog (UK Evangelical)
Atonement category:


Christianity Today: Cross Purposes

Cross Purposes
Biggest Christian conference splits amid growing atonement debate.

Three of Great Britain’s most prominent Christian groups have ended their 14-year conference partnership, scuttling the annual Word Alive youth event. At issue was disagreement over a speaker, the Rev. Steve Chalke.
Related articles and links

But below the surface simmers a theological controversy that threatens to split the country’s evangelicals.

From Old T19:

Tom Wright: The Cross and the Caricatures (April 2007)

Helping Patients Face Death, She Fought to Live

Related link: How Jesus bore our sins on the cross (also Tom Wright)

Anne Atkins: A God who Takes Evil and Injustice Seriously (April 2007)

NPR–Apple's iPad: The End Of The Internet As We Know It?

Coming Liturgical Revision at All Saints Pasadena? (May 2007)

SMH–What lies beneath – a question of ethics

A Movement from Above to Below (April 2007)

Detroit Free Press–Churches get creative to add men

Albert Mohler: Two Strands of Faith? No, Two Different Religions (Feb 2007)

Fleming Rutledge: The Haitian calamity

A USA Today Article on the Episcopal Church and the New Presiding Bishop

Washington Post: Obama's State of the Union address takes a harder tone

Rob Eaton Recalls a Resolution at the General Convention of 2006

Anglican Journal: Fewer staff at Anglican Church of Canada national office forecast

Leander Harding: Finding the True Church?

CNS: Households face budget crunch in an attempt to put food on the table

Row over ”˜wrath’ at Chelmsford Clergy Synod

BBC: Israel PM 'may back two states'

Nothing But the Blood (Mark Dever in CT)

Bob Libby: Lift High the Cross”¦the movie

Pope Benedict XVI's Urbi et Orbi message easter 2009

TESM: The Biblical Doctrine of the Atonement
Rodney Whitacre

Ed Bacon Preaches at CDSP’s Graduation

AFP: Anglicans await key ruling on women bishops

Dana Wilson: “What Does It Mean To Be a Christian?”

Church of England accused of censoring debate on Islam

Michael Ingham’s Easter Sermon ???

Saved by Salsa Dancing


Newest issue of Southern Baptist Journal of Theology


JI Packer: Penal Substitution revisited


John Piper: Why Christ Died

Clinton, Obama, Edwards to Debate Faith and Poverty

Hanna Rosin reviews Mark Regnerus' Forbidden Fruit: Sex+Religion in the Lives of American Teenagers

Bill Mehr Chimes in

New Hampshire law makes same-sex civil unions legal

Amy Johnson Frykholm: Formerly gay?

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Church Army reaches out via You Tube

From Christian Today:

Church Army evangelists can now reach out to a new audience by featuring their videos on popular video sharing website YouTube.

According to Nielsen/NetRatings, YouTube gets almost 20 million visitors each month.

The short story videos featured on the popular website will show Church Army evangelists reaching out to their communities with the gospel. The featured videos focus on the work of a skateboarding evangelist, a former Sikh and others working in urban, inner city and rural settings.

David Coleman, Church Army’s Communications Manager comments: “For some time we have been thinking about how more people could get a glimpse into what it is like to be an evangelist in different context today, and YouTube gives us a perfect platform to do just that.”

More online videos will be available over the next 12 months, according to Church Army, while they will explore other online opportunities such as MySpace.

To visit Church Army’s page on YouTube, go to:

[hat tip Pat Dague]

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Anglican Report episode 31 now online

You can watch Kevin Kallsen and William Witt’s latest discussion of Anglican news here.

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Conversion: A Dirty Word?

The following is an excerpt from a lengthy article on the 9Marks website, which I can’t recall having visited before, but which has a lot of interesting articles online all focused on helping Christians be better able to defend the Gospel. If you’ve got a few moments, check out what they claim are the 9 Marks of a church that glorifies God. This definitely looks to be a site this elf wants to browse around further. Note, however, that this is an unabashedly evangelical reformed Protestant site. (Predominantly Southern Baptist, it appears.) I for one find the final line of the excerpt below offensive in how it lumps the Vatican and the WCC together. Nonetheless, in this elf’s opinion, this was a worthwhile and thought-provoking read. –elfgirl

What’s the point of the story? Conversion is dirty word. It’s scandalous in today’s pluralistic and relativistic world to contend for one religious truth over and against another. It smacks of pride, arrogance, disrespect, perhaps hatred, maybe even violence.

This is the consensus among many of the secular elite. Popular television personality Bill Maher believes Christianity can only be explained as a “neurological disorder.”[1] Only the most unenlightened, uneducated, and uncouth Neanderthal would both believe and contend for a conversion to religious faith, especially Christianity. It’s absolutely what the modern man does not need.

And Maher simply represents what secular humanism as a movement has been saying all along. To quote from their own manifesto, “traditional theism”¦ and salvationism”¦ based on mere affirmation is harmful, diverting people with false hopes of heaven hereafter. Reasonable minds look to other means for survival.”[2] Reasonable minds”¦you can hear the condescension dripping from the pen.

Some go further, of course. They say such attempts at diversion (i.e. conversion) actually breed violence.


Yet it seems that conversion is even under attack among some professed evangelicals. This ought to strike us as nonsensical. Our English word “evangelical” comes from the Greek word for “good news.” What is this good news? It is that we, who are at enmity with God in our sin, can now be reconciled to him on account of Christ’s death and resurrection, when we repent of our sin and believe upon Christ. Conversion from our former way of life and thinking to Christianity is required. This much should be blatantly obvious.

Nonetheless, Brian MacLaren, perhaps the most prominent leader within the emerging church movement, calls for a reconsideration of conversion, if not an outright rejection of it. He writes in A Generous Orthodoxy,

I must add, though, that I don’t believe making disciples must equal making adherents to the Christian religion. It may be advisable in many (though not all) circumstances to help people become followers of Jesus and remain within their Buddhist, Hindu, or Jewish contexts. This will be hard, you say, and I agree. But frankly, it’s not at all easy to be a follower of Jesus in many ‘Christian’ religious contexts, either.[5]

We are told to embrace other faiths “willingly, not begrudgingly.” To be fair, McLaren asserts the uniqueness of Christianity apart from other religions.[6] And yet his belief in “a gospel that is universally efficacious for the whole earth,” his unwillingness to “set limits on the saving power of God” in reference to the unevangelized, and his belief that we must continually expect to “rediscover the gospel” as we encounter other religious traditions, “leading to that new place where none of us has ever been before,” raises significant and serious questions.[7] Frankly, I have difficulty seeing how he is recommending anything Christian, let alone orthodox. In the end, his proposals are eerily similar to those being set forth by the Vatican and the WCC.

The full entry is here. It is really quite comprehensive. The various sections are as follows:

(hat tip: TwoOrThree.Net)

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A Blogger’s Blend of Prayer and Politics Gains Influence

How interesting to come across this story from the NY Times today (hat tip to Pat Dague) after we’d already prepared to post the entry below on the new faith and politics blog that’s past of the Washington Post/Newsweek’s On Faith site. Blogging, faith, and politics especially in relation to the 2008 Presidential election certainly seem to be a very hot topic at the moment.

WASHINGTON ”” The morning meeting could have been at any news outlet, with discussion around the glass conference-room table about stem cells, Iraq and the presidential candidates. But afterward the members of the small group in the room bowed their heads in prayer.

“I just pray for all of us, reporters, photographers and editors,” said David Brody, a reporter. “Give us the strength to get through the day. Bless our work, Lord. Give us the right words to say.”

Mr. Brody, 42, writes a blog and covers politics for the Christian Broadcasting Network, the television station founded by Pat Robertson. With the three leading Republican presidential candidates in the early going each confronting his own serious obstacles in winning over evangelical Christians, Mr. Brody occupies a position of influence in the 2008 presidential campaign as a gatekeeper to a crucial constituency.

CBN has about a million viewers a day on television, making it a big platform for Mr. Brody and the Republican candidates.

In addition, Mr. Brody’s blog, the Brody File, which scours the conservative credentials of Republican candidates but also looks at Democrats on occasion, has become required reading for political insiders, and is frequently cited by mainstream news organizations and bloggers on both ends of the political spectrum. With its blend of reporting, jokey commentary and savvy explanations of the concerns of evangelical voters, it now draws almost 100,000 hits a month, more than five times the traffic it was getting just several months ago.

Rudolph W. Giuliani of New York recently became the latest Republican presidential candidate to appear with Mr. Brody on the network’s main news program, “The 700 Club,” with segments posted on the Brody File. Earlier this year, Mr. Brody interviewed Senator John McCain of Arizona. He has twice sat down with Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts.

The full article is here.

The link to the Brody File is here.


This elf confesses that she isn’t yet following the Presidential election very closely, has never to her knowledge read the Brody File, and doesn’t have a lot of political blogs in her list of bookmarks. (Unless, of course we’re talking ANGLICAN politcs! That’s a whole ‘nother story! 😉 )

What political blogs do you all recommend, and which do a good job of focusing on issues of faith and politics?

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