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Tim Drake–Just How Many Genders Are There?

“People can feel like girls, they can feel like boys, they can feel like both, and they can even feel like neither,” Joel Baum, director of the activist group Gender Spectrum, tells the students at Redwood Heights Elementary School in California in the accompanying video. “Gender identity is about what’s in here (Baum says pointing to his chest). It’s about what’s up here (pointing to his head) and in here (again pointing to his chest).”

It’s all part of the Oakland Unified School District’s efforts to create “gender sensitive environments for kids.”

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(BBC) Muammar Gaddafi subject to ICC arrest warrant

The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi, accusing him of crimes against humanity.

The court had grounds to believe he had ordered attacks on civilians during Libya’s four-month uprising, it said.

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(WSJ) Debt Hamstrings Economic Recovery

The Federal Reserve is just days away from ending one of the major steps to aid the U.S. economy””but the effort has done little to solve the original problem: The government and individuals alike are still heavily in debt.

Around the globe, the inability of governments and households to reduce their debt continues to cast a shadow over Western economies and the financial health of individuals. Today, U.S. consumers have more mortgage and credit-card debt than they did five years ago, and the U.S. budget deficit is worsening. At the same time, European governments are having to throw billions more euros at Greece to keep it afloat.

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Sudan Christians facing genocide, bishop pleads for worldwide prayer

“We are facing the nightmare of genocide of our people in a final attempt to erase our culture and society from the face of the earth.”

That’s the warning of African Episcopal Bishop Andudu Adam Elnail in northern Sudan’s Nuba Mountains. His warning is echoed by Operation Broken Silence.

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Religious Communities offer Mixed reactions on N.Y. same sex marriage bill

Some, including the Episcopal Church, are embracing that debate, and looking for ways to evolve their faith.

Bishop R. William Franklin of the Episcopal Diocese of WNY said, “Many Episcopalians believe that in community, we can discern with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, a way in which the letter of Scripture is compatible with a wider inclusion of the life of partner gay and lesbian people in our community. And that would apply, now, to the question of marriage.”

Others are choosing to adhere to more traditional views

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(Orlando Sentinel) Christopher Young, RIP–A globe-trotting Episcopal priest and animal lover

The Rev. Christopher Young lovedcats ”“ so much that when the rector at one church announced that no staffers should feed the stray cats, Young snuck across the street regularly to put cat food in a nearby parking lot.

At his apartment, located near Sanford’s Lake Monroe, “Father Chris” was also famous for feeding the ducks. When management asked him to stop because the ducks were making such a mess on the complex grounds, it was too late. The ducks already knew where he lived.

“They would come up and knock on his sliding glass door” with their beaks, said his friend Ruth McDonald.

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(NY Times Magazine) Benoit Denizet-Lewis–My Ex-Gay Friend

One Saturday afternoon last winter, I drove north on Route 85 through the rolling rangeland of southeastern Wyoming. I was headed to a small town north of Cheyenne to see an old friend and colleague named Michael Glatze. We worked together 12 years ago at XY, a San Francisco-based national magazine for young gay men, back when we were young gay men ourselves.

Though only a year removed from Dartmouth when he arrived at XY, Michael had seemingly read every gay book ever written. While I was busy trying to secure a boyfriend, he was busy contemplating queer theory, marching in gay rights rallies and urging young people to celebrate (not just accept) their same-sex attractions. Michael was devoted to helping gay youth, and he was particularly affected by the letters the magazine received regularly from teenagers who were rejected by their religious families. “Christian fundamentalists should burn in hell!” he told me once, slamming his fist on his desk. I had never met anyone so sure of himself….

I thought about those times as I pulled my rental car into the Wyoming town where Michael now lives. A lot had happened in the decade since we last saw each other: he and Ben started a new gay magazine (Young Gay America, or Y.G.A.); they traveled the country for a documentary about gay teenagers; and Michael was fast becoming the leading voice for gay youth until the day, in July 2007, when he announced that he was no longer gay….

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Sudan's Bashir warns, reassures China on south split

Sudan’s President Omar Hassan al-Bashir told Chinese media the impending split of his country’s south risked triggering “time bombs”, but said his government’s bond with China would not be shaken by Beijing’s courting of the secessionist south.

He made the comments in interviews published on Monday, the day he begins a state visit to China, his powerful patron and a major buy of Sudanese crude oil.

Beijing has been building ties with the emerging state in southern Sudan but continues to be one of the major supporters of Bashir, who faces indictment from the International Criminal Court over war crimes charges stemming from long-running fighting in the Darfur region.

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Philadelphia Area Episcopal church's 'Bible Challenge' gives readers something to talk about

It may be the best-selling book of all time, but its battles, bloodletting, and “begats,” its many laws, rituals, and tribes, and those chewy names like Oholiab and Eliphelehu and “Joshbekashah son of Heman” don’t make for easy reading.

Yet when the rector of St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Whitemarsh invited his congregants in January to join him in reading the Bible cover to cover in a year, the response surprised him.

“It’s taken on a life of its own,” the Rev. Marek Zabriskie said last week.

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(ACNS) Communique from the third Anglican”“Lutheran International Commission

Bishop Suheil Dawani, the Anglican bishop, hosted an ecumenical reception for local church leaders, and the Commission was addressed by His Beatitude Theophilos III, the Greek Patriarch of Jerusalem. The Commission spent one of its sessions with Bishop Dawani and Bishop Younan. At both this session and at the reception, members of the Commission heard of the struggles of Christians in Jerusalem and Palestine: of the strain of living a restricted life, of the lack of jobs and opportunities particularly for young people, and of lacking peace with justice for all in society, all of which lead many Christians to leave the holy land and diminish the witness of Christianity in the very places of its birth. At the same time, they heard of the dedication of the local churches to be the hands and feet of Christ: to advocate for a just peace among all, to seek good relations among all the faith communities, and to offer high quality education and health care to the whole society.

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Diocese of Missouri Episcopal church is set to close

After just two years and four months, Columbia Hope Episcopal Church at 4603 John Garry Drive is closing because of lack of attendance. The church’s last worship service will be tomorrow. The Rev. Dan Smith, executive officer of the diocese, said about 40 to 50 people on average were coming to Sunday worship.

“To start a new church there has to be a significant growth pattern over a period of time” to keep it running, Smith said.

“Firstly, I’m deeply saddened by this,” he said. “I thought Columbia was a great location for another Episcopal church. ”¦ This one just never gained traction.”

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Fleming Rutledge finds a Church newsletter that Evidences Why the Episcopal Church is shrinking

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(USA Today) Americans doing more work on weekends

Americans are using the weekends to get more done at home and on the job….

”¢35% of workers overall work on weekends. A slightly greater percentage of part-timers work on weekends than full-time employees. On average, those who work weekends work 5½ hours. More than half of sales workers work on weekends, the largest percentage among occupations in the survey. But weekend duty is a fact of life for only 20% of office and administrative personnel

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A Prayer to Begin the Day

O Lord, who hast taught us that whatever we do unto the least of thy brethren we do unto thee: Give us grace to see thee in all who are poor and needy, and always to be ready to serve our fellows for thy sake; who livest and reignest with the Father and the Holy Spirit, world without end.

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From the Morning Scripture Readings

Praise the LORD! O give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures for ever! Who can utter the mighty doings of the LORD, or show forth all his praise? Blessed are they who observe justice, who do righteousness at all times!

–Psalm 106:1-3

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